‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 11 fans have mixed reactions on Shaun’s feelings for Lea

Having spent an emotional night with Lea, Shaun starts to develop feelings for his friend and there’s more than friendship this time. While some fans are happy about their favorite doctor’s life seeing a new light, others are concerned about how it will affect his current relationship with Carly.

                            ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 11 fans have mixed reactions on Shaun’s feelings for Lea
Paige Spara and Freddie Highmore star as Lea and Shaun in ABC's 'The Good Doctor', now running Season 3. (IMDb)

Our favorite medical drama returns from its midseason break and is back with a bang! The winter premier episode turned out to be more dramatic than we had imagined it would be. Taking off from where they left last year, Shaun and Lea had a very emotional night when they went to see Shaun’s dying father, along with Dr. Glassman.

The moments spent with his close friend at a sensitive time has affected Shaun in ways that he himself never envisaged. He has now feelings for Lea that go beyond simple friendship and he is now conflicted between his emotions for Carly and Lea. He likes being with Carly, but he felt something special and unique with Lea which he has never felt with Carly. Seeing this, fans have varied opinions on where Shaun’s love life could be heading.

One fan thinks that “#TheGoodDoctor if he chooses Carly say goodbye to Lea’s character...But he’ll never stop loving Lea though.” After all, Shaun and Lea have been friends for a long time and the two have seen a lot of ups and downs in each other’s lives.

To this, another fan agrees and comments, “Replying to @gooddrwriters @TGDsquad lea just want to keep things like she thinks it will be good for Shaun just , sometimes the consequences could be worse 😔😔 #TheGoodDoctor”

While we see most people rooting for Shaun and Lea and believe that they should be together, one fan thinks on the other extreme. “I do NOT want Shaun with Lea, but I'm also kinda turned off by Carly right now too. Shaun should just be single. #TheGoodDoctor”

Another user understands this and agrees to Lea’s decision to back off from Shaun’s life. She says, “She really does have Shawn's best interest at heart. #TheGoodDoctor"

And finally when she does back off, a fan is pretty upset and comments, “This sucks cause Shaun have chemistry with Lea and Carly. I like both ladies. #TheGoodDoctor”
Although the episode ends with Shaun and Carly still being together, we are yet to see where this will go.

‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 is back on ABC every Monday, 10pm/9c.

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