'The Flash' Season 8 Episode 2: Joe's death shocks all, fans say show won't be same

Fans had a lot to say about the shocking revealtion about Joe's death and people refused to believe that it happened

                            'The Flash' Season 8 Episode 2: Joe's death shocks all, fans say show won't be same
Jesse Martin as Joe West in 'The Flash' (The CW)

‘The Flash’ Season 8 shocked everyone during the second episode when they came out with a bombshell revelation that would change everything for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and everyone. At the start of Episode 2, Despero (Tony Curran) told Barry that madness will take over him soon and he’ll end up destroying everyone.

We see some glimpses of Barry losing his mind because of a psychic Meta called Xotar. However, he was able to eliminate the threat by taking her down. The real shocking thing happened when he got to know that Iris’s dad, Joseph West (Jesse L Martin), died six months ago and he gave the eulogy at his funeral. Barry loses his mind and asks Iris (Candice Patton) about it. She says that she’s had enough of all this and she has been trying to have things under control but Barry seems to be in too much grief.


'The Flash' Season 8 Episode 2: It's the beginning of the end as Barry loses his mind

'The Flash' Season 8 Episode 2: Is Joe West dead? SHOCKING death changes everything

As soon as the news of Joe’s death went out, social media went absolutely berserk and flooded Twitter with a lot of reactions. Most of the social media users refused to believe that Joe is dead while others are mourning his demise. One of the users said, “I'm with Barry. I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!!!” Another fan wrote, “Joe is what now?! Oh, hell no! I told y'all to never touch Iris or Joe West!! I'm HOT now!!!”





Meanwhile, one of the users noted, “Joe and Iris both die on May 23rd oh I’m unwell.” Another user wrote, “This ep is hitting the feels. First Gideon, now Joe. Let’s this be an alternate world.”





However, one of the users believed that Joe’s death is just a gimmick and is “perplexed” by Iris’s reaction to his father’s demise. She said, “I think we all understand that Joe’s “death” is a gimmick for shock value & to shoehorn Cecile into this storyline. This is probably an alternate timeline, but even so, I’m still perplexed by Iris’s reaction to Joe being dead among other things in this episode.”



“I and Barry are the same BC I REFUSE TO BELIEVE JOE IS DEAD,” added another user. “Tell me it is NOT true! It cannot be! #TheFlash will never be the same without Joe West!”





The news of Joe’s death has completely shocked Allen and his friends know that he is in big trouble. So, it’s time to call the big guns. Allen calls out for help and it’s none other than Black Lightning, who answers the call for help. So, The Flash will now be joined by Black Lightening to help save the world and take down Despero before ‘Injustice’ happens.

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