'The Family Chantel' Fan Review: Viewers feel Lydia is as fake as her daughter Nicole

'The Family Chantel' Fan Review: Viewers feel Lydia is as fake as her daughter Nicole
Nicole and Lydia Jimeno from 'The Family Chantel' (TLC)

The recent episode of TLC's 'The Family Chantel' saw Pedro's mother, Lydia, and sister, Nicole, giving him a tough time with their overt controlling and necessarily dramatic behavior, all hinted at throwing shade towards his wife, Chantel Everett. In the episode, we see their need to find reasons to constantly belittle Pedro about his life choices, while finding faults with the decisions he takes and verbally attacking Chantel.

The show centers around Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, and their immediate families as they navigate an intercultural marriage. It is the first spin-off series of '90 Day Fiance'. Season 1 of the show premiered in July of 2019, while Season 2 premiered in October of 2020. Chantel's parents, Karen and Thomas, have graced their presence on the reality show as well. Chantel has two siblings, named Winter and River

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Here's what fans had to say about the latest episode of 'The Family Chantel'. One fan said, "Pedro's entire family are users! #TheFamilyChantel #FamilyChantel", while another said, "Lydia is just as fake as her daughter #thefamilychantel".

One fan shared, "Nicole is not strong enough to come to terms with her father and her past. She very clearly is deeply scarred and angry but can't face possible rejection. #thefamilychantel", while another tweeted, "Pedro needs to cut his family off stop sending money and see what happens #thefamilychantel".





One fan shared, "Pedro sister Nicole is a hole piece of work #thefamilychantel", while another said, "I truly think Lidia is the way she is because of Pedro's father. If you hurt first, you can't get hurt. #thefamilychantel".

One fan tweeted, "Nicole should be happy Pedro has a wife that's supportive. Tf #thefamilychantel", while another said, "Omg Nicole is so focused on Chantel. She is so jealous of her its pitiful smh #thefamilychantel".





Stay tuned to see what happens next on the new episodes of 'The Family Chantel', every Monday at 8 pm ET/PT, only on TLC.

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