'The Family Chantel': Is Angenette catfishing Chantel's uncle? Family speculates as they think she is lying

'The Family Chantel': Is Angenette catfishing Chantel's uncle? Family speculates as they think she is lying
Angenette (TLC)

Angenette has been having a hard time gaining the trust of the Everett family, and lately, they have been questioning her intention of marrying into the family. Angenette came to the US and got married to the oldest child of the family, Royal Everett, and the pair decided to have a second wedding in the Philippines.

While Angenette and Royal were looking forward to the wedding, the rest of the family had some doubts about Angenette and her true intentions of marrying. Things became complicated when Karen Everett accused Angenette's mother of messaging her brother on social media. Karen wondered if it was a plan made by the mother-daughter duo to come to the US. However, Angenette made it clear that the profile was not of her mother. The next day, Chantel decided to deep dive into the drama and found out that the profile was, in fact, of Angenette's mother. 

Seeing this, Chantel questioned if there was a chance that Angenette was handling the social media page on behalf of her mother and catfishing her uncle. She wanted to get the answer as to why the information changed immediately after the family found out about it. Meanwhile, Karen wondered if Angenette and her family were trying to extort something out of them. 

Things became intense when Chantel confronted Angenette for the second time. She decided to put all the information on the table in the hope that she would get some answers. Angenette hinted she had no clue about what was happening. She further advised Chantel to ask her mother directly the answers to any of the questions she had. 

Unfortunately, this made Chantel more suspicious of Angenette. Chantel advised Angenette to stay back in the Philippines and not come back to the US. The tension between them increased as Angenette left the place crying. Karen, on the other hand, had more questions since Angenette was not ready to give a concrete answer. 

Speaking to the camera, Karen revealed she wanted to make sure her son was not making a wrong decision. However, Royal, on the other hand, thought his family was interfering too much. While Chantel and the rest of the family has their doubts, Royal seems to be sure of his choice. Will this difference put a dent in their relationship?

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