'The End' Ending Explained: Did Edie use her right to die? Season 2 seems likely

'The End' Ending Explained: Did Edie use her right to die? Season 2 seems likely
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‘The End’ has finally made its way to Showtime and fans are absolutely loving the show about an imperfect family trying to take control of their lives. The show mainly revolves around the mother-daughter duo of Edie (Harriet Walter) and Kate (Frances O’Connor). Edie wants to end her life and believes she has the right to die with dignity. Meanwhile, Kate is a doctor who specializes in palliative care and is always surrounded by patients who are suffering a lot.

After a failed attempt to kill herself, Edie is called to Australia by her daughter and relocated to a retirement village. However, she never wanted to be there as she doesn’t want to die a depressed woman. A lot of things take place when she starts living with people like her. But there are people who are actually enjoying their lives. The duo goes through a lot of difficult situations while figuring out what life actually is.


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Showtime has a knack for introducing its viewers to mouthwatering content. Shows like 'The Chi', 'Your Honor' and 'City on a Hill' are some of the most acclaimed shows on television. Meanwhile, Edie is certain that she has the right to die with dignity. But what happened at the end? Did Edie end her life or she started embracing it? Let’s find out how Season 1 of ‘The End’ concluded.

Harriet Walter as Edie in 'The End' (Showtime)

'The End' Season 1 Ending Explained

The final episode of ‘The End’ starts with a tragedy and sees Kate’s daughter Persephone Brennan (Ingrid Torelli) getting drowned in water while following his brother Oberon (Morgan Davies). Oberon messages Kate about the situation and Kate calls Edie to tell her what just happened. Everyone is panicking as Persephone is fighting for her life.

Kate, Edie and Oberon sit in the hospital as they wait for any confirmation from the doctors. Oberon feels Kate is putting the blame on him while Edie says that he is just a child and he is not to be blamed for it. On the other hand, Kate blames her mother for Persephone’s condition and says she was supposed to take care of them. Oberon is not happy with his mother blaming Edie for all this. He says to his mother that she was just looking after herrself, just like every time.

Morgan Davies as Oberon Brennan in 'The End' (Showtime)

While talking to each other, Edie reveals to Kate that she is praying to god that she should take her instead of her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Kate says that it was really hard for her to see Edie trying to take her own life since she was a child. Her entire lifetime, she always wanted to ask her if she intended to keep trying to kill herself - that was the reason she left England because she could not fix the problem.

Edie tells her that she hated the fact that she came back when she was about to take her life. She apologized for everything that she did. As soon as their conversation ends, Kate receives a phone call from Oberon and she is extremely worried about it. Oberon reveals that his sister is okay and has come out of coma.

Brooke Satchwell as Beth and Frances O'connor as Kate in 'The End' (Showtime)

A few weeks later we see Edie finally having an orgasm. At the beginning of the series, Edie revealed that she had never experienced an orgasm in her entire life. On the other hand, Kate is finally back at work and is confronting a patient suffering from unbearable suffering. She talks to his wife and takes the decision of ending his life without making him feel more pain.

The show comes to an end with Edie and the entire family going to the beach for a swim and embracing their lives. The family comes together and Edie forgets about taking her life. She learns that life is a tricky road, but there are many things to be enjoyed.

Harriet Walter as Edie and Frances O'Connor as Kate in 'The End' (Showtime)

The last scene shows Edie receiving a call from one of her friends at the retirement village. She is panicking and Edie is shown talking to her as the show comes to an end. The ending makes us believe that there might be another season coming. However, there is no official announcement about it.

‘The End’ premieres exclusively on Showtime on Sunday, July 18 at 8 pm ET.

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