Netflix 'Black Summer' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Rose dead? Season 3 looks likely

Netflix 'Black Summer' Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Rose dead? Season 3 looks likely
Jaime King as Rose in 'Black Summer' Season 2 (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Black Summer'

Season 2 of ‘Black Summer’ has finally arrived on Netflix and it is another worthy addition to an impressive zombie series. The season is filled with thrilling sequences and is darker than the first edition. In the latest season, Rose (Jaime King) and Anna (Zoe Marlett) are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in freezing cold. They move from one place to another to find a house. However, their ultimate destination is the air-strip from where they could go to a safe place and start a new life.

The entire season is about people fighting the harsh weather to make it to the finish line, but it is not that easy. Most of the people have turned into zombies and they are roaming in the streets to cause mayhem.


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In the aftermath of Season 1’s events, Rose, Anna, Sun (Christine Lee), and Spears (Justin Chu Cary) stick together to fight the zombies as they keep going North. However, Spears is badly injured and is having a lot of difficulties in walking. Rose feels that Spears will slow them and thinks of leaving him there. Anna and Rose leave while Sun tries to save Spears. However, he is hostage by a militant group led by the formidable Ray Nazeri (Bobby Naderi).

BOBBY NADERI as RAY in 'Black Summer' Season 2 (Netflix)

A lot of things happen in between which leads us to the epic final moments of the season. So, what happens at the end? Do they reach the airstrip? Are Rose and Anna alive? Let’s take a look at how Season 2 ended.

'Black Summer' Season 2 ending explained

The finale opens with Ray calling everyone disgusting and claims that would have gotten on the plane if they all listened to him. On the other hand, Rose and Anna manage to reach the airstrip. As soon as they reach the airstrip, they are chased by a zombie. However, they are not alone. Every group that was trying to make it to the strip has made it there. Meanwhile, we see Ray getting betrayed by his own people. He is beaten up by the people that he once used to lead. Anna is asked to grab the first aid kit, so she gives it to the group and secretly gives Rose a flare gun.

Rose, Anna, Sun, and Ray somehow manage to come out and Ray locks all the men inside the hangar. Suddenly, they see a plane heading their way, so Ray lowers his gun. Rose uses her flare, but it lands on the vehicle that is close to Ray and it explodes.

Bobby Naderi as Ray and Jaime King as Rose (Netflix)

Ray and Rose are visibly injured and they are finding it hard to move. Rose tells her daughter to go inside the plane with Sun. Meanwhile, Ray and Rose point their guns at each other. But, Anna decides that she won’t leave her mother. Anna runs over to a car and turns it on as Ray puts down his gun. Both characters rest on the ground as Anna looks at her mother while sitting inside the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the plane has left the airstrip and Sun is safe from all the chaos. She asks the pilot about the others and he tells her that all that matters is what’s ahead as the finale comes to an end.

The ending leaves a lot of scope for another season because we don’t know what happened to Rose and Ray. They both have given up and are badly injured. Meanwhile, Anna is still sitting inside the car and we don’t know why she doesn’t come out and help her mother.

Zoe Marlett as Anna and Jaime King as Rose in 'Black Summer' (Netflix)

Rose will have an important role to play in Season 3 if it arrives because the character is still there and hasn’t been wiped off. It seems Season 3 is inevitable.

‘Black Summer’ Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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