Tom Holland's 'The Devil All The Time' lauded for showing the dark side of religion, but leaves fans 'scarred'

The Netflix thriller has left its viewers shaken with its brilliantly creepy storyline and some fantastic acting chops from Tom Holland and a diabolical Robert Pattinson

                            Tom Holland's 'The Devil All The Time' lauded for showing the dark side of religion, but leaves fans 'scarred'
Tom Holland (IMDb)

If the trailer of 'The Devil All The Time' didn't leave you feeling rather uncomfortable — as if there was something crawling all over you and you just couldn't shake it off — then the film is sure to have left you feeling... well, something. The Anthony Campos film starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Eliza Scanlen, Bill Skarsgård and Sebastian Stan, released this week and fans are still fumbling about what to make of it. Tom Holland put aside the Spider-Man suit and donned on a darker and violent avatar in this film, while Pattinson became the preacher we would run a million miles from. The fan reactions are mixed as some praised the execution and storyline of the film, while others said that it just left them scarred, which is also a compliment in a way.

Holland plays the role of Arvin, a troubled teen, haunted by the loss of his parents. His stepsister Lenora (Scanlen) is associated with a creepy couple who pick up hitchhikers and then these men vanish from the face of the earth after that. Sinister connections reverberate through the film, especially the one forged between Sheriff Bodecker (Stan) and Lenora. In the middle of all this, Pattinson's diabolic preacher has a role to play.

Is it worth a watch? Let's see what fans have to say. "THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME surprised me! Came into this not knowing what to expect and was very pleased. One of the best films I’ve seen this year! Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Sebastian Stan steal the show for me. #TheDevilAllTheTime #netflix #filmtwitter #wow," a fan tweeted.


Others were glad that it painted religion in a negative light. "The Devil All the Time was a good movie. I appreciated it even more because it painted religion in such a negative light," another tweeted.


"The devil all the time. A new movie on netflix. Mindblowing. So relatable to the recent life of religious people. Where the religious ppl are more evil than the not religious ones," a fan wrote.


"Welp, just finished watching 'The Devil All the Time' and I am officially scarred for life. If you need me, I’ll be rocking back and forth in the corner," a fan tweeted.


"Just watched The Devil All The Time... a bit traumatized to the point that I cannot sleep... at all," another wrote.


Some fans hailed it as a cautionary tale about the importance of good theology.

'The Devil All The Time' is streaming on Netflix. 

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