'The Cry': Fans on Twitter prepare Sundance Now audience for the BBC One show which comes to the US on Nov 8

The BBC One show fans are giving short hints, praising actress Jenna Coleman, and giving out plot points, making it easier for the US audience to follow the series on Sundance Now

                            'The Cry': Fans on Twitter prepare Sundance Now audience for the BBC One show which comes to the US on Nov 8

Sundance Now has been teasing fans with its upcoming show 'The Cry', and those who have already watched the show on BBC One where it aired in October, are putting forward their views and opinions about the Jenna Coleman starring show. Based on Helen Fitzgerald's 2013 titular novel, the Glendyn Ivin directed-show follows the plight of young mother Joanna who finds herself in the middle of an international media circus when her baby boy, Noah, is abducted.

Joanna was an extremely difficult character, and with her continuous fall into the darkest pits of postpartum depression, she is left alone to deal with everything that was going on — from her son's abduction to her husband, Alistair's (played by Ewen Leslie) fatal flaw. Fans have praised Coleman whose baby face was the most fitting for the character. Coleman's subtle expressions and her soft pace in developing the character gave Joanna ample space to be a relatable character despite her unusual struggles as a mother.

One fan mentioned, "Jenna is just so good in whatever part she plays" on the tweet posted by Sundance Now.


Some fans have also claimed the series to be a 'gem'. "I just finished @thecrybbc and I'm overwhelmed by emotions. It was a wonderful journey. This series is a gem, I loved everything. Congrats to @Glendyn_Ivin @Jenna_Coleman_ and everyone involved. @SynchronicityF #TheCry." Although many are claiming that the show should at least be nominated for BAFTA, there are some who say that the show somewhat lost its pace in between. "I was quite disappointed with this series. It was really good at the beginning and middle but the big reveal wasn’t on the same level," said on tweet.


However, what seems to have caught on for BBC One fans the most about the show is its slow-burning element, which keeps the suspense intact. "Love the steady pace throughout the series. Love how things unravel episode by episode. Love @Lornebalfe's music. Love @Jenna_Coleman_'s wonderful acting," commented a tweet. In fact, fans are also claiming that the show should have a second season, "I think there should be a second series, it was too short. #JennaColman was absolutely great in this, such a fantastic actress." Among all the praise for the actors' and the makers' excellent work with the script, it is probably the main subject of the show which will be of interest to the US audience — postpartum depression. 


As one of the most controversial mental illnesses, postpartum depression has been overlooked for ages due to its rarity as a disease. Some have claimed that it is just a weakness of a mother who is unable to take care of her child — or worse, does not want to take care of her child. However, 'The Cry' has managed to prove otherwise with a young mother who loves her child but is depressed by the fact that she is not doing enough for him. The critical topic has been portrayed well in the show, with the ultimate ending leaving fans baffled by the subject, as some said, "just finished third episode @thecrybbc, it was insane!! I'm completely shocked!! #TheCry." 


'The Cry' airs on Sundance Now on November 8.