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‘The Circle’ Season 4: Whom did Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton meet before leaving show?

Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton have successfully increased the prize money to a whopping $150,000 and it's time for them to bid goodbye to the show
Mel B (L) and Emma Bunton (R) in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix )
Mel B (L) and Emma Bunton (R) in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix )

Season 4 of 'The Circle' kicked off last Wednesday, May 4, with four new episodes and a surprising twist that shocked the viewers. Spice Girls members Emma Bunton and Mel B joined the reality competition under a catfish profile with a mission to remain completely undetected. If they succeed, the prize fund will increase from $100,000 to $150,000.

Their profile was selected by the very first top-rated player of Season 4, Frank, who had no idea that he was actually choosing a fake profile to be played by the Spice Girls. Mel B and Emma catfished as children’s book author and stuffed chicken enthusiast named Jared in the game. So did they succeed in their mission? Scroll down to find out.


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Last week, the circle alert revealed to the cast that Emma and Mel B have been catfishing as one of the profiles, but they don’t tell them which profile. The moment of truth begins at the end of Episode 4 when, after a day of investigation and interrogation, each player is asked to vote on which profile they believe the Spice Girls have been catfishing.

In Episode 5 fittingly titled ‘Goodbye My Friends’, the Spice Girls succeed in their mission as they fool most of the contestants who failed in detecting Jared as the Spice Girls' fake profile. As their mission is a success, the contestants are informed about the increase in prize money. Their jaws drop when they learn that the prize money is now a whopping $150,000. Unfortunately, this also means that the Spice Girls are leaving the show. They made it through their allotted time on the show without being found out.

Mel B and Emma Bunton in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

However, they are also given an offer to meet a contestant face to face. All the contestants clean their rooms, put on deodorant, and sanitize their kitchen hoping that they would be the lucky ones. So who do the Spice Girls meet?

Alyssa in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

The lucky contestant turns out to be the sex assistant coach Alyssa. While Alyssa is over the moon about being picked, the Spice Girls are shocked to find that Alyssa is real as they were sure she was a catfish. They talk game, strategy, and of course sex ! Before leaving, the Spice Girls give all their wishes to the other contestants in a video message. We will surely miss the Spice Girls in 'The Circle'. Will Mel B and Emma Bunton be followed by any new celebrity catfish? Stay tuned to 'The Circle' to find out.

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