'The Circle' Season 4: Is Parker Abbott in trouble? Cast members suspect her to be a catfish

'The Circle' Season 4: Is Parker Abbott in trouble? Cast members suspect her to be a catfish
Parker Abbott in 'The Circle' (Netflix)

Season 4 of Netflix’s reality competition series ‘The Circle’ is finally here. The new season has been referred to as the "spiciest season yet." The first four episodes of the new season have premiered on May 4, with additional episodes released on subsequent Wednesdays.

'The Circle' is the ultimate game of social media where players can choose to play themselves or catfish as someone completely new. Whoever does the best job of convincing the other contestants about their identity—or does the best job lying—takes home a grand prize of $150,000.  Miami native Parker Abbott, 21, will be playing 'The Circle' as her 56-year-old father Paul. However, is her cover blown already? Scroll down to find out.


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Episode 1 introduces viewers to a fresh batch of eight contestants among which two of them are catfish. The two catfish contestants are Parker Abbott who will play Paul and John who will play his mother, Carol. While Carol ends up being loved by the cast members, Paul isn’t everyone’s favorite.

John Franklin as Carol in 'The Circle'(Netflix)

Many of the cast members raise their suspicion regarding Paul’s identity as they think he isn’t who he claims himself to be. Frank thinks he isn’t revealing his whole personality while Crissa thinks maybe Paul is actually a girl. However, Parker digs her grave when Alyssa asks the cast in the Circle chat what name would they give their memoir? Parker who doesn’t know what memoir means sends a message to the Circle chat about what it means. This raises some eyebrows as the cast wonders how could a 56-year-old man doesn’t know what memoir means. Yu Ling says that she is getting mixed vibes from Paul and that he appears to be inconsistent. Ironically it is the other catfish Carol, originally John who seems to doubt Paul the most. Even in the rating task, Paul is rated last by his cast members. Will Parker manage to hide her identity or will the cast members eliminate her from the show. Stay tuned to ‘The Circle’ to find out.

The first four episodes of Season 4 of 'The Circle' are available on Netflix.

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