'The Chosen One' season 2 will answer the questions left behind in a very risky cliff-hanger, promise writers

Writer couple Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz chat with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about season 2 of 'The Chosen One'

                            'The Chosen One' season 2 will answer the questions left behind in a very risky cliff-hanger, promise writers

'The Chosen One' is one of the most intense, thrilling shows on your Netflix library right now, and while the season one finale is still giving us sleepless nights, the streaming platform is yet to renew the Brazilian show for season two. We certainly are hopeful for a new season, and so are the show's writer couple Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz.

Draccon and Munhóz, who have been married to each other for nine years, are both fictional writers in their own right and collaborated for the project, which is an adaptation of the Mexican series ‘Niño Santo'.

The writer couple shared with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "Our writing process for this project was really interesting and different. We had the first pieces of the puzzle but not the final picture. So we had to actually create an explanation for all the questions that we also had."

They also discussed how creating the show was like watching the first season of 'Lost'. "For example, creating the explanation for that island, the smoke, the character's background, etc... Since we are fantasy book authors, those things came naturally to us and when we pitched to Netflix what could be the ending of this mystery they freaked out like us."


The show did indeed freak us audiences out too, especially in terms of how it ended with Enzo (Gutto Szuster) breaking Lúcia's (Paloma Bernardi) trust in more ways than one. The last moments of the season begged the question, is Enzo truly as selfish and fame-hungry as he is portrayed to be? Regardless of his shortcomings, there is something about him that inspires affection – or it did, until the finale.

"Enzo is actually our favorite character to write. From day one we were attached to him. He is so complex because you can see that his background is what shaped him but that it doesn't justify his actions. He crosses lines but in the course of the episodes you see why he thinks it is ok to do that," say Draccon and Munhóz, adding, "You get to know his relationship with Lúcia. He actually admires and respects her. But for him, to get answers and recognition is such a big deal that he just doesn't think before he acts."

Of course, who would know Enzo better than the people who created him and the "bible" for 'The Chosen One', which also reveals how the series would end. "We never started to write a script or a book without knowing the middle and the end of the story, actually. That helps us navigate the conflicts with a sense of security," reveal the duo.

"When you write a show whose core is a mystery, you need to make a very risky decision: tell everything in one season giving the audience all the answers but knowing that you can't extend more than that, or think long term and be aware that you are only going to be able to tell that story on multiple seasons. We went with the second option," they said, adding how it was worth it, seeing how the audience has responded to the show. "We just know that we are proud of the results. 'The Chosen One' is a show that we would love to watch as an audience. Fingers crossed!"

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