'The Chosen One' star Gutto Szuster says that Enzo has O Escolhido's secrets figured out

'The Chosen One' star Gutto Szuster says that Enzo has O Escolhido's secrets figured out

‘The Chosen One’ season 1 spoilers ahead

‘The Chosen One’ is one of the most genuinely puzzling and intriguing shows to have premiered on Netflix in recent times. With every passing episode, a new question arises, and the mystery deepens, even as the world of possibilities continues to expand.

In fact, the world created by Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz based on the Mexican series ‘Niño Santo’ is so elaborate that there is quite a bit to explore during the journey.

When season 1 ended, in fact, a whole new world of possibilities opened up, with Damião seemingly becoming one of the Chosen One’s followers, and Lúcia getting inflicted by a new mutation of the Zika virus. What does that mean for the show? Where is the story going? What are the Chosen One’s secrets?

Actor Gutto Szuster, who plays Enzo on ‘The Chosen One’ tells MEA WorldWide that his character has a pretty good idea of what is going on, but him – like us viewers - is waiting for everything to be confirmed. He warns, “No SPOILERS allowed!”



Enzo, despite being the potential key to figuring out everything regarding the Chosen One, is somewhat of a d**k, especially considering he has proved time and again that he will go to great lengths to have things go his way. Szuster, however, justifies Enzo’s actions and motivations, saying he is possibly the way he is because of the way he was raised.

However, he does agree that “his ambition to be known as one of the best doctors of his time really got out of hand.” Did he do what he did – cross a line that can never be uncrossed – for just fame and popularity? We will have to find out when the show returns with season 2.

If you haven’t checked out season 1 yet, you are definitely missing out, especially if you are new to Brazilian TV. As Szuster puts it, “The Chosen One is shows to the world an unknown part of Brazil, even to us Brazilians.


"Most of us live in big cities, and I think that, beyond the story, we can also please the eyes of the audience with the beautiful and wild landscapes. Brazil is a country with a big variety of nature and culture as well. And we cannot forget the main conflict between faith and science that leads all human beings to a lot of questioning. I consider this a really good starter pack for anyone interested to watch us.”

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 The Chosen One star Gutto Szuster Enzo has O Escolhido secrets figured out