Netflix's 'The Chosen One' is the creepy thriller you need to binge-watch this weekend

Netflix's 'The Chosen One' is the creepy thriller you need to binge-watch this weekend

The weekend of June 28 to 30 is going to be one of the best ones for thriller/horror fans. Netflix is adding its latest thriller series to its library on Friday, June 28, and it's definitely worth your time. Titled 'The Chosen One' aka 'O Escolhido', this Brazilian series narrates the story of three doctors who go to a remote village in Pantanal to vaccinate the isolated residents against a new mutation of the Zika virus.

The first few minutes of the very first episode establishes how creepy and scary 'The Chosen One' is going to get. The story is primarily set in the village, where there is a higher power – possibly an ominous power – in the works. They do not take kindly to outsiders, especially doctors, thanks to the instructions from the mysterious "Chosen One".

When consistent efforts of the doctors to distribute the medical aid get turned down, the trio is forced to stay back and ensure that their work is done, and during the course of the shady events that ensue, they are forced to confront the question their faith in science, and consider the possibility of miracles. The trailer for the series claims that this is the village where no one dies – but only when the show premieres will we be able to find out, at what cost.


The trailer shows that 'The Chosen One' may be a title bestowed on someone, and becoming that entity is not a painless process. And, the events that the doctors witness comes nothing short of magic, and could possibly even be black magic. With demonic masks, a leopard, and ominous statements like "Medicine brings death", written on the walls of the hospital, we cannot help but sweat in anticipation of what is to come.

What we can make out from the trailer is that the village may be cult-adjacent, and the good doctors may get trapped in their web of superstitions. What exactly these superstitions are and how exactly they get trapped can be seen come Friday, June 28.

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