Knetz slam The Boyz's Younghoon, Q for their jokes, fans defend them: 'Respect privacy'

Knetz slam The Boyz's Younghoon, Q for their jokes, fans defend them: 'Respect privacy'
Younghoon and Q come online to talk to fans (@WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter)

It is getting a little heated in Deobiland and fans are angry. We first had Deobi aka The Bs (The Boyz’s fandom) congratulating former member Hyunjun for signing with his new label as an actor. However, it was closely followed by Younghoon and Q getting in trouble for their latest comments. On February 18, Younghoon was talking with fans on the K-pop platform UNIVERSE and pranked them by “leaking” his phone number.

A fan joked that they were member Hyunjae who had changed his phone and so was asking for Younghoon’s number. He decided to prank the fan back by sharing a phone number made out of The Boyz’s debut date. However, it turned out to be a real phone number belonging to a Korean citizen. Realizing his mistake, Younghoon immediately told fans he was kidding and not to contact the phone number. He said, “Ah, don’t call it really. I didn’t think it through… I’m sorry. Promise you won’t call.”

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Fans call the number Younghoon shared as a joke

However, The Boyz fans continued to call the number despite some of The Bs (fandom of the group) requesting them not to. It has blown up to the point that the owner of the number had to come online. They joined a group chat with some fans on KakaoTalk and requested them not to call the number. They also added that it was a problem even before Younghoon had accidentally shared it. Whenever fans send gifts to the company building, they add the debut date as the registered phone number which leads to the owner getting calls. At the same time, another member Q is under fire for his words.


Q asks fans not to take his photos secretly

A few trolls started circulating Q aka Changmin’s VLive where he asked fans not to take pictures of him secretly during his vacation in February as he was uncomfortable. It should be noted that he jokingly asked fans to pretend he was just one of them. Knetizens slammed back saying he should have been grateful to his fans instead of cribbing about it and insulting him, “If I was an unknown idol, I would be happy if people recognized me.” However, international netizens and fans have come together to defend him and call out such rude fans for invading his privacy. 

Many pointed out that he was probably addressing stalkers and brought back the moment in the Live where he shared that The Bs could do The Boyz hand sign to approach him so he would know they were fans. One The B tweeted, “Ikr changmin himself already said that if we see him then we should do tbz hand sign.. and respect his privacy la is that a hard thing to do?” Another added, “he literally said if you see him on his vacation he would happily greet you, just don’t SECRETLY take photos of him how the hell did it get converted into that??”



One fan commented, “Idols are HUMANS for god sake … their privacy is THEIR RIGHT.” Another posted, “He clearly said he’d be happy to greet DEOBIS but just don’t take his picture in secret during his vacation. he just wanted some privacy that’s all and we respect that. non fans ffs pls do not misunderstood, twist his words and shut tf up if u don’t have anything nice to say.”



'Y'all can't take a joke'

As for Younghoon’s case, fans pointed out how he immediately realized his mistake and in fact was the one who asked fans to stop calling the number. One The B commented, “Isn't it also good that yh told the fans yesterday to stop calling that no. to clear sh*t up and to stop the fans from sending parcels and from using that phone no. too?” Manyw ere also angry that the internet was taking it too seriously, “Y’ALL CANT TAKE A JOKE AND IT SHOWS STFU.” One upset fan added, “Istg if changmin and younghoon stops reaching out to deobis or smth suejcjsjsjsjwj IST DO SOMETHING HELLOOOO R U EVEN EXISTING.” Another said, “He made a mistake and immediately realized it and apologized. He tried to correct it and it seem mature to me. But why you try to blow things out of proportion?”






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