What does Spencer Shemwell do for a living? 'The Blended Bunch' star dubbed 'scam artist' by former client

An ex-client who used Spencer's contractor services has accused him of charging $30,000 for wrongly installed floors, here are the details

                            What does Spencer Shemwell do for a living? 'The Blended Bunch' star dubbed 'scam artist' by former client
Spencer Shemwell and Erica Means Shemwell from 'The Blended Bunch' (TLC)

Spencer Shemwell gets a lot of heat from Erica Shemwell's brother Quinn Kendall in the new TLC series 'The Blended Bunch'. Fans of the show too don't seem to be fond of the patriarch and a lot of them are of the opinion that he gives off "disingenuous" vibes. Adding to all this hate is a new accusation that has surfaced against him from someone who used his services as a contractor before. 

The accusation was brought to the fore by Katie Joy who handles the Instagram account @withoutacrystalball, a page that predominantly posts the lesser-known scandalous details of TLC stars. In one of the posts from late March, Katie writes, "Spencer Shemwell from 'The Blended Bunch' is accused by a homeowner of charging by the hour, then doubling the initial quote, then walking off the job after she paid him $28k for a kitchen remodel.


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"She also posted on his Facebook. The customer runs an organization for widows/widowers after tragically losing her husband. This is not the only person I’ve heard he’s done this to. He did not respond to the reviews. The homeowner says he’s refusing to work with her lawyer," the post continued. Another customer who seems to have worked with Spencer called him a "scam artist" while alleging that the reality TV star ripped off a widow.


What is Spencer Shemwell's job? 

Spencer began with Spencer Home Services, a business that he ran when he was based in Virginia. This was before his ex-wife Aimee Wohlfahrt Shemwell died. In a couple of months, he married Erica Means and moved to Lehi, Utah, to live with her. He started a new business Hive Remodelling where he offers construction services among other home solutions. 

According to Distractify, the business' website is no longer functional, but Spencer is still doing business. He even spoke about his company on the recent episode of the show titled 'Nature Calls'. Spencer does seem to be working a lot and it makes sense because he has 13 mouths to feed. However, these new allegations seem to be serious and it would be interesting to see if he chooses to address them on the show. 

Spencer Shemwell with all 11 children from 'The Blended Famil' (TLC)

'The Blended Bunch' airs on Tuesday at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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