'The Blended Bunch': Meet Landon, Brayden, Emma, Harper and rest of the 11 kids from the Shemwell family

The kids are definitely the stars of 'The Blended Bunch' and here's everything you need to know about their personalities

                            'The Blended Bunch': Meet Landon, Brayden, Emma, Harper and rest of the 11 kids from the Shemwell family
Landon, Brayden, Emma and Harper from 'The Blended Bunch' (TLC)

'The Blended Bunch' is definitely not the first large-family-centered reality show on TLC. The series premiered mid-March, and just a couple of episodes in, the Shemwell family that is front and center in the show has taken viewers by storm, and for various reasons. Some love them, a lot of them hate them. By them, we mean Erica and Spencer Shemwell who seem to have blended their kids and are moving ahead as a family without giving their children enough time to heal from the deaths of their other parent. 

Most of the kids, as the episodes have highlighted, have trouble accepting a new family and new siblings. A recent example of this would be Harper Shemwell's confession in the new episode titled 'Nature Calls' where she admits it'd be nice to not have any sisters and that she misses her own mother Aimee Wohlfahrt Shemwell. 


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Speaking about the kids – there are 11 of them and each of them has distinct personalities. If you've watched the episodes, you'd know how endearing they all are. Even though they don't consider themselves to be in an ideal situation with their blended family, it doesn't stop them from being funny, sometimes sassy, and sometimes heartbreakingly vulnerable especially when they miss their late parents. The Shemwell-Means kids are the stars of 'The Blended Bunch' and continue reading below to know more about each of them. 

Brayden Shemwell

Spencer and Aimee's first-born Brayden is 12 years old. According to his introduction on the family's blog, Brayden was born to Spencer and Aimee in June of 2008 and was nine when his mom passed in a road accident. Brayden is the second eldest amongst his siblings and half-siblings and he doesn't shy away from comforting his younger siblings when they are crying or upset. Kindhearted, goodnatured, funny, helpful, friendly, and generous are the adjectives the family uses to describe Brayden. Most of his time he is playing soccer, running, skateboarding, drawing, and making up fun games for the younger kids to play all together. He is very social and has lots of friends; his teachers say he is good at making the entire class laugh. Anytime we need help, Brayden is willing to pitch in to help anyone around him.




Harper Shemwell

Harper was born to Spencer and Aimee in April of 2012 and was five years old when her mother passed. She is bubbly, friendly, kind, eager to help, and determined. Before Spencer and Erica married, Harper was the only girl in a family of boys so she had a big maternal influence on her brothers after Aimee passed away. She still is helpful and loves to help care for the three youngest kids. Harper loves to ride her hoverboard, create art projects, help cook meals, make little mini books, and talk with her family and friends. She has an adorable outgoing personality that people are drawn to and she quickly becomes friends with everyone she meets. Harper is also determined and inquisitive and really seeks to understand people and situations around her. Harper is also very sassy and funny at the same time, making her a hit amongst the audiences. 




Avery Shemwell

Avery was born to Spencer and Aimee in April of 2014 and was three when his mother passed. He is highly energetic and loves to make his big brothers laugh. Avery loves to cuddle, draw pictures, ride his scooter, play with legos, and dance. He is the biggest sweetheart and is compassionate. Avery shows others he loves them through being affectionate and giving big cuddles. His smile is infectious to everyone around him.




Bexley Shemwell

Bexley was born to Spencer and Aimee in April of 2016 and was eighteen months old when his mother passed. Bexley is the second youngest amongst the 11 kids. The family refers to him as "Squishy" because of his lovable personality and the baby fat which he still carries. Bexley is so funny and is great at making everyone laugh; he has a unique personality with adorable little quirks that draw people to him. He likes to play dress-ups, legos, ride his scooter, wrestle, and make messes with art. Bexley is a sweet boy who loves to be around his family and close friends. Brave, charismatic, thoughtful, and sensitive are the adjectives used for him on the family's blog. 

Bexley Shemwell (shemwellbunch.blogspot.com)


Erica Means Shemwell's kids

Landon Means

Landon was born to Erica and Tony in April of 2008 and was eight when his father passed. He is the oldest of all eleven kids, and naturally falls into a leadership role to his siblings. Landon says he is happiest when everyone around him is happy, according to the family's blog. He loves to spend time with his siblings and friends, play basketball, read, watch movies, create engineering projects, hike, camp, organize, and loves “preteen” pop culture. Landon always jumps at any opportunity to help and is a hard worker. At times he may seem a little reserved but he takes a bit of time to warm up to people. Those who know Landon love his witty humor and his desire to be a good kid.




Emma Means 

Emma was born to Erica and Tony in August of 2009. She was seven years old when her dad passed away. You can find Emma baking any chance she gets: cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes are her favorites to make and she delivers them to neighbors and friends with cute handwritten notes. Emma enjoys shopping and interior design. She loves school, doing her hair and nails, drawing, decorating her room, playing with friends and siblings, but above all, Emma loves hanging out with the adults. She often is sneaking into her parents’ room so she can sit and talk with them, and she takes any chance she gets to playfully tease Spencer, read her introduction on the family's blog. 




Lily Means 

Lily was born to Erica and Tony in March of 2011 and was five when her father passed. Anyone who knows Lily describes her as a ray of sunshine, according to her introduction on the family's blog. She is spunky, optimistic, passionate, and wants to befriend everyone. When anyone is sad, Lily is always there to notice and give them hugs and cheer them up. Lily loves to read, play basketball, bike, camp, play with her sisters and friends, and she loves being outside. She is small in stature but she definitely doesn’t let anyone call her “cute!” Her spunky side comes out and she is determined to prove that she is as big and grown-up as her three older siblings. 




Sophie Means 

Sophie was born to Erica and Tony in May of 2012 and was four years old when her father passed away. She is clever, playful, smart, good-natured, sweet, and easygoing most of the time, according to her introduction on the family's blog. Sophie loves to make art projects, read, ride her bike and scooter, play with all her sisters, and she absolutely loves to sing. The family jokingly calls Sophie a "cat" because her personality is more introverted than the rest of the kids. She takes a while to warm up to people, not because she is shy but because she is a little selective about who she chooses to have close relationships with. She loves to playfully tease when you least expect it and even curls up to cuddle like a cat. A defining characteristic of Sophie is that she is a big momma's girl and is loyal through and through to those she loves.




Tanner Means

Tanner was born to Erica and Tony in November of 2013 and was three when his father passed away. He is full of energy and sweetness but sometimes misses his father too much and withdraws from the group as seen on one of the episodes. He loves playing with the younger kids and is very sweet to them. Tanner loves legos, wrestling, playing basketball with his big brothers, imagining he is in Star Wars or Harry Potter, camping, swimming, listening to music, and creating projects. Tanner is a hard little worker and is helpful with his chores and likes to earn money around the house doing extra work. He is proud that his red hair comes from his daddy Tony (who had a red beard) and tells everyone who asks about how he shares that with his dad, according to his introduction on the family's blog.



Amelia Means 

Amelia was born to Erica and Tony in December of 2015, sharing the same birthday as her late father. She was eleven months old when her dad passed away. She is as spunky and sassy as they come! Amelia is a sweetheart with a big stubborn streak; she is determined to do what she wants. She loves to play with her sisters (and pretend to be big like them), play dolls, dress up, color, and dance. Amelia is very smart, outgoing, talkative, and helpful. She loves to be around people and includes everyone, and is cute when she tries to boss her two little brothers around, according to her introduction on the family's blog. 


Caleb Means

Caleb was born to Erica and Tony in March of 2017 and was born three months after his father passed. Tony was able to pick out Caleb’s name with Erica before he passed from cancer. Caleb is the youngest of all the kids and is the only child amongst the Means' children who have called Spencer "daddy". The family jokingly calls him "the man" because he is stocky and strong and can hold his own against the older kids while wrestling. Caleb enjoys playing with lots of the kids, running, playing on his scooter, building legos, and showing off his muscles. He is a very affectionate boy and gives the biggest wettest kisses! Caleb is caring, determined, brave, and helpful, according to his introduction on the family's blog. 


'The Blended Bunch' airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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