Who is Quinn Kendall? Here's why 'The Blended Bunch' star does not want Erica to adopt Spencer's 4 children

The Shemwell's have decided to adopt each other's kids to blend their families better but Quinn has his own opinions about why it's a bad idea

                            Who is Quinn Kendall? Here's why 'The Blended Bunch' star does not want Erica to adopt Spencer's 4 children
Quinn Kendall in 'The Blended Bunch' is Erica's brother (TLC)

'The Blended Bunch' premiered last week and they introduced the Shemwell family who are the center of this new series on TLC. Apart from Erica and Spencer Shemwell and their blended family of 11 kids, the show also introduced Erica's parents, Dave and Paige, and her brother Quinn. The latter is one of the most talked-about people of this show because of his unwavering opinion that Spencer isn't meeting her sister halfway in taking care of the family. 

Spencer made it clear that he didn't think the world of Spencer and Erica's relationship. The couple married within a couple of weeks of knowing each other and Quinn believes they rushed this whole thing and the only person who is benefiting from this arrangement is Spencer. 


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Quinn Kendall in 'The Blended Bunch' (TLC)

Who is Quinn Kendall in 'The Blended Bunch'?

Quinn Kendall, the straight-talking brother of Erica Shemwell, has been working as a Commercial and SMB Account Executive at UserIQ since November 2020, according to his LinkedIn profile. On the TLC show, he is the one with a lot of questions for Spencer and the most resounding one being, "What are you doing?" Quinn is of the opinion that Spencer isn't putting any effort into the marriage and he was taken aback after learning the fact that his brother-in-law didn't know about Erica's panic attacks, as seen on Tuesday night's episode. He has also been open about his opinions regarding Erica and Spencer's marriage and believes the latter jumped into another relationship to find a babysitter for his four kids. 

“When Erica and Spencer started dating each other and got engaged and basically married in no time at all, I was shocked, I was upset, I was not really excited,” Quinn explained in a confessional. “You have seven kids, you have four kids, why on earth would you even think that that could work?” From what is seen of Quinn on the show, he comes across as a very emotional person and tears up quite a lot while talking about the tragedy that his sister and her seven kids have been through.

Quinn Kendall in 'The Blended Bunch' (TLC)


The life they are living now is a cause of concern for him and all of it became worse when Quinn heard about Erica and Spencer's decision to adopt each other's kids. “As your brother, I think about if I died, I don’t know if I would want my kid to have somebody else’s last name," he said to Erica. “[Erica’s] doing everything while [Spencer is] doing his own thing…Wow, did this guy move from Virginia to Utah to find a babysitter, to find somebody that could take care of his needs, and was it really kind of a selfish proposition for him to make things happen?” he explained in another confessional

'Quinn is a mood'

While Erica might not completely agree with Quinn's concerns, the audiences say that his opinions make a lot of sense and that he's not wrong when he says that the marriage was rushed. "Quinn is the only one with any sense. #TheBlendedBunch," said a fan. "Quinn is a MOOD. A mood I'm vibing with. The only one on this series with rights. #TheBlendedBunch" wrote another. "There is so much about this that just doesn't sit right in my spirit, but Quinn is the only one on this entire show who has a lick of damn sense. Bless him. #TheBlendedBunch," another comment read. 

"Thank the lord these folks have uncle Quinn. He is the only one here who seems to understand how deeply traumatic ALL of this is on ALL of the kids #theblendedbunch," another viewer wrote. "I agree with Quinn. These kids are not mentally ready for adoption and changing last names. #TheBlendedBunch" another fan wrote.

Quinn Kendall in 'The Blended Bunch' (TLC)







What are your thoughts about Quinn's opinions regarding Spencer and Erica's 'rushed' marriage? Let us know in the comments. 

'The Blended Bunch' air every Tuesday at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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