'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Jamie Skaar slammed for trying to manipulate Michelle

'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Jamie Skaar slammed for trying to manipulate Michelle
Jamie Skaar on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

Barely a few episodes in and looks like Michelle Young's season of 'The Bachelorette' is filled with never-ending drama. Most of which can be traced back to one person, Jamie Skaar. Jamie won Michelle's and fans' hearts earlier on by opening up about his tough childhood and being vulnerable. However, he showed a completely different side of himself.

Jamie earlier on told Michelle that the men of the group were questioning her character when it was just him creating chaos around the fact that Michelle knew Joe. The matter was settled when Michelle openly confronted the group, much to their confusion, as Jamie didn't admit that he was the one. However, Jamie went on to show a different side of him yet again, which shocked fans.


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Jamie was a part of a group date this week that had the men write and recite their own poetry in an open mic format. While everyone followed the instructions, Jamie claimed he lost his notebook and began to narrate a story, much to everyone's confusion. Brandon even joked that Jamie's sounded like a TED Talk instead of a poetry recital while Casey pointed out that it sounded like he's preparing to be a cult leader or a motivational speaker. Jamie, however, felt that he had it in the bag and was visibly pissed when Michelle gave the group date rose to Brandon. He took a producer aside, claiming that Michelle was on a springbreak because there was no way Brandon was better than him. He argued that they needed a better cast of men because he was above them. 

"Interesting that Jamie thinks he's the smartest person in the room when in fact, he's not. #TheBachelorette" tweeted a fan. "if anyone it’s JAMIE that doesn’t trust michelle’s character. he was LITERALLY talking sh!t about her. #TheBachelorette" added another. "Also, did Jamie know what show he was going on? “I gotta wait 6 weeks” like I mean yeah that’s… that’s the show?? #Bachelorette #BacheloretteABC #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteABC" tweeted another.





Meanwhile, the men were determined to get to the bottom of who started the rumors about Michelle's character. Rick decided to get to the bottom of it and told Michelle that no one had, in fact, questioned her character and believed her. Michelle came clean and said it was Jamie and fans were thrilled that the cat was out of the bag. Rick might have been an underdog on the show so far, but he certainly earned a few brownie points. 

"Rick didn’t live in a table for 24 hours to put up with your shit, Jamie. #TheBachelorette" joked a fan. "If Rick does nothing else this season I will love him for finally getting it out there that Jamie is a massive manipulator " added another. "Rick is the hero of this season. We Stan #TheBachelorette" tweeted another. 




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