'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Inside Rodney Mathews and Michelle Young's date and rose ceremony

From well deserved roses to a dramatic exit, here's who all survived another week on 'The Bachelorette'.

                            'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Inside Rodney Mathews and Michelle Young's date and rose ceremony
Michelle Young and Rodney Mathews on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

With each passing episode of 'The Bachelorette' the drama that is brewing continues to carry on. There are already rivalries between the men that seem to be escalating. And, with each fight that takes place, Michelle Young inevitably gets sucked into the drama. This week, she had to confront an old problem that seemed to surface yet again, however, she decided to put an end to it all.

Peter Izzo and Will Urena continued to fight over petty issues, resulting in Peter throwing the jacket Michelle gave Will into the pool. Will got extremely emotional and wanted to lash out, but was reminded to be the bigger person and thus took the high road. At the same time, Jamie was livid that Brandon won the group date rose, and even went so far as to tell producers that Michelle was on spring break and asked them to raise the standard of men.


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But while some men were hell-bent on creating drama, others proved that they were here entirely for Michelle. During the first group date, Martin proved that he was here only for Michelle, making sure to check up on her and her emotions after the previous rose ceremony. His mature and thoughtful personality earned him a rose before the rose ceremony.

Up next was Rodney, who earned a one on one card and had a fun date with Michelle, with her admitting that he's making his way out of the friend zone. They even spoke about what went wrong with Michelle's previous relationship -- she opened u about how she was once called a slur and was shaken up by it. When she told her former partner, they responded by saying that she shouldn't give the person who called her that any power.



However, Michelle said that she should be allowed to feel the way she felt for however long she needed and that response was a red flag in itself. Rodney sympathised having gone through the same situation and they two ended the date with Rodney receiving a rose.

When to came to the third group date, the men had to try their hand at open mic poetry. While Jamie seemed to have confused the challenge with a storytelling one, Brandon nailed it with a heartfelt poem. He later opened up to Michelle about how he too took time to come into his own and feel comfortable in his own skin, earning him a rose.



With three men having gotten roses, it was down to see who would be eliminated later that evening. Seeing that the cocktail party was cancelled after Jamie's lies were exposed, he was asked to leave the show. The men who got roses this week were Joe, Rick, Leroy, Nayte, Casey, Chris G, Chris S, Clayton, Olu, Romeo and Will. The men who walked away were Spencer, Mollique, Peter and LT.

What do you think? With Jamie and Peter gone, has the drama ended? Or there more to come? Sound off below!

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