'The Bachelorette': Olumide Onajide calls Martin Gelbspan 'two-faced' during Tell All

'The Bachelorette': Olumide Onajide calls Martin Gelbspan 'two-faced' during Tell All
Michelle Young and Martin Gelbspan (Instagram/gelbspan) Olumide onajide (Instagram/kingolu30)

It isn't a season of 'The Bachelorette' without its fair share of drama. And one thing is for sure, Michelle Young's men certainly got the memo. From elaborate schemes to bad-mouthing Michelle herself, the chaos spread all across the board. And with the elimination of each contestant, new drama found its way to the surface. What was shocking was that Martin Gelbspan somehow found himself embroiled in it all. 

Martin didn't waste time painting himself as an honest, level-headed person who was blunt to a fault. However, towards the end of his run on the show, he seemed to say different things to different people. So now, while he tries to clear the air at the Tell-All episode, here's a look at the drama that started it all.

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For Michelle and Martin, although they had been on a successful one on one date, the rest of the men weren't too thrilled that Martin was good friends with Jamie Skaar. However, to Michelle, Martin had always displayed a sense of concern when it came it her, prompting her to spend more time with him in general. However, as the season progressed, his friendship with Chris Sutton also came under fire, seeing that Sutton was talking over Michelle and accusing castmates of their confident disposition. And while all of this seemed like red flags, the real issue came up when he claimed that he saw Michelle as a strong, confident woman, only to turn around and tell the rest of the contestants that her poem made it seem like she was insecure and immature and still had to deal with her issues. 
This behaviour rubbed castmate Olumide Onajide the wrong way, and he was quick to inform Michelle, with the intent to expose Martin and his lies. Michelle confronted Martin about it, who denied the situation. However, his constant talking over her was enough reason for Michelle to ask Martin to leave, as his behaviour made her put up her walls again. Martin left but was annoyed and even announced that he "wouldn't even care to give her a shot" and that a woman like her didn't deserve his time. 




When the topic came up during the Tell-All, Olu did not hesitate to call Martin out yet again. "Martin is two-faced, preaching one thing to us and another thing to her," he stated. "I just sniffed that out from the beginning," he added. Martin defended himself, saying that his honest nature often led him to say things in a manner that came of differently than he intended to. He stated that he was back on the show to apologise for what he said. But Michelle questioned him, asking him which side of him was the true version, seeing that he previously mentioned he sticks by his convictions and then here he was, apologising for the same. 

What do you think? Is Martin offering an honest apology? Or is he trying to clear up his own image? Sound off below!


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