'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Martin Gelbspan slammed for friendship with Chris Sutton

'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Martin Gelbspan slammed for friendship with Chris Sutton
'The Bachelorette' Season 18: Martin Gelbspan called out for friendship with Chris Sutton

For Michelle Young, having the men in her home city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is definitely a chance for her to show them more about herself and allow them to learn things about her. With Michelle's struggle with being more vulnerable, this change in setting certainly comes at the right time, allowing her to know her future potential partner better.

After the group date with Casey, Rodney, Martin, Leroy, Rick, Clayton, Olu, Chris S and Brandon, Chris S was certainly upset with how the evening transpired. While the other men took the time out to make her feel special, Chris S was under the impression that it was supposed to be the other way around.


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With Nayte getting the solo date card and Chris S getting stuck on a group date, he certainly wasn't happy about the outcome. Chris S claimed that he wasn't himself on the group date and was upset that Michelle didn't even bother to check up on him after he had told her the truth about what happened. To add to it, Michelle ended the group date without conversing with Chris S, which validated his feelings even more. Chris S later sat down with Martin to discuss how he felt about the situation. While all the men of the house have not hesitated from calling him out, Martin let the conversation carry on, as Chris S ranted about Michelle's behavior and preference for Natye. Fans, who already think Chris S is plenty problematic, now fans seem to think Martin might also be the issue, seeing that he didn't call out Chris S during their conversation. It didn't help that he was also friends with Jamie Skaar. 

"Martin seems to be friends with the 2 red flags of the house- Jamie and Chris so ultimately that makes him a red flag by association  #thebachelorette" tweeted a fan. "He defended Jamie last week, now he is buddy buddy with Chris - I'm starting to really dislike Martin. #TheBachelorette" added another. "Martin needs to go home too for entertaining Chris's dumb ass #TheBachelorette" agreed a fan. "Martin's friends - Jaimie - Chris S. Who's the real snake? #thebachelorette" asked a fan. "I really liked Martin at first but seeing who he's been associated with on this show is ummmmm questionable. First Jamie now Chris S? #TheBachelorette" stated another. "maybe martin should just date chris or jamie. seems like he's attracted to problematic #TheBachelorette" tweeted another. 













It didn't help that Martin mentioned to Michelle that he thinks women can be high maintenance which certainly rubbed her the wrong way. What do you think, is Martin's friendships a red flag? Although he did clear the air regarding how he felt about Jamie, is it enough to sway his new reputation in fans' minds? Sound off below! 

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