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'The Bachelorette': All the men Michelle Young eliminated before rose ceremonies

Not everyone managed to win Michelle Young over and some of the men even managed to get on her bad side!
Jamie Skaar, Chris Sutton and Chris Gelbspan on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)
Jamie Skaar, Chris Sutton and Chris Gelbspan on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

For Michelle Young, Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette' has proven to be quite the whirlwind of emotions. While she started off with 30 men this season, only four men -- Rodney Mathews, Nayte Olukoya, Joe Coleman, and Brandon Jones -- made the cut when it came to hometowns. And while not everyone was able to win her heart, some men certainly made lasting, if not positive, impressions. Season 18 saw its fair share of drama right from the get-go. As with every season, the biggest concern is if the lead is getting played, and if the contestants are there for the right reason -- to find love and not for reality fame clout.

Michelle's season saw some problematic contestants, many of whom were asked to leave the show. As the Tell All episode approaches, here's a look at the men who caused some major drama.


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Ryan Fox

Making a lasting first impression is key on the show, as contestants might not get time to spend with the lead. Ryan Fox certainly seems to have gotten the memo, since he showed up in ice-cream truck, playing to the fact that Michelle has a sweet tooth. His efforts were appreciated, but only for so long -- Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe soon discovered notes in this room, complete with details about Michelle, how to be liked on-screen, behave around teachers, etc. While he claimed a friend's wife had just noted a few pointers for him and nothing else, Michelle had seen enough to know that this was a red flag. She asked him to leave, making him the first person to be eliminated from the show, before it could even begin.


Jamie Skaar

Jamie Skaar seemed like the complete package -- a self-made man with a successful career, an adventurous side and someone who was not afraid to be vulnerable. Having him around put Michelle at ease, as she often felt that she took on the role of caring for a partner, but here, Jamie adopted it instead. But Jamie seemed to have taken up issue with the fact that Michelle knew Joe, stating that his friend allegedly spotted her with a 'light skinned baller', implying that Michelle was already involved and questioned her character. He relayed this information, saying that the group said so, causing hurt and confusion among Michelle and the men. When the truth finally came out, he barely owned up to it, and Michelle knew better than to have him stick around.


Chris Sutton

After Michelle informed the men that she felt unseen, Chris took it upon himself to readdress the matter, an action that Michelle didn't appreciate. For her, she wanted a man who would support her, not talk for her. Chris also called Nayte out, stating that he believed Nayte was being too confident about the situation and acting like he had it in the bag. While Nayte and Michelle cleared the air, Michelle realised it was best for Chris to leave.


Martin Gelbspan

Although Martin seemed to have come off as level headed and blunt to a fault, it didn't help that he was friends with Jamie and enabled Chris. Martin seemed to say one thing to Michelle's face and a completely different thing behind her back. When exposed by Olu, Martin had little to say in his defence, and Michelle had no choice but to ask him to leave. He was salty about this, calling her 'immature' and even stating that he wouldn't waste time on a woman like her. Good riddance is what we have to say!