'The Bachelorette' 2021: Katie Thurston slammed for telling Thomas Jacobs to 'get out'

'Girl that wasn’t cool or inspiring. I’m embarrassed. #TheBachelorette,' a fan wrote after Thomas Jacobs's unceremonious elimination by Katie Thurston

                             'The Bachelorette' 2021: Katie Thurston slammed for telling Thomas Jacobs to 'get out'
Katie Thurston slammed for sending Thomas Jacobs home on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

Katie Thurston's move of sending Thomas Jacobs home at the rose ceremony after calling him out in front of the rest of the suitors has backfired majorly. Season 17's lead of 'The Bachelorette' has been a favorite with fans for many reasons, however, sending Thomas home as she did hasn't gone down well with fans of the show. Thomas had previously admitted and apologized to Thurston saying he didn't come on the show for the right reasons. Thomas sought forgiveness, Thurston granted it while deciding to keep him on the show and this sudden volte-face has fans shocked.  

A lot of suitors in the house weren't seeing eye to eye with Thomas after he openly admitted that he came on the show aspiring to be a lead on 'The Bachelor'. Thomas argued that was before he interacted with Thurston in person where he discovered he harbored true feelings for her and his aspirations to lead 'The Bachelor' faded away. Thurston and Thomas were seen forming a strong connection and the men were not okay with him walking out with a rose after every ceremony. They continued to paint him as a villain and multiple suitors spoke to Thurston about how Thomas was manipulating her


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Katie Thurston eliminated Thomas Jacobs on June 28th episode of 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

Fans insisted that the episode that aired on Monday, June 28, was a "Thomas bashing" fest. The majority of the two-hour-long episode was about the suitors negatively talking about Thomas among themselves and eventually, they took the conversation to Thurston. Thomas addressed the situation with Thurston in person admitting once again that while his intentions might have been different when he arrived on the show but he had a change of heart. 

To support his argument he also bought up the fact that everyone on the show does at some point think about scoring a season as a lead. Thurston hugged it out with Thomas telling him she feels connected to him, however, at the rose ceremony she called him out for trying to use her and asked him to "get out". Fans believe this was unnecessary and took to Twitter to express their disagreement with Thurston's decision to eliminate Thomas. 

"I need the world to know I do not support Katie’s decision to send Thomas home. Like at all. Also the way she sent him home. Girl that wasn’t cool or inspiring. I’m embarrassed. #TheBachelorette" wrote a fan. "Unpopular Opinion: I like Thomas! I feel like he is honest (which is what Katie asked for) well-spoken and was ganged up on for his honesty!!! Yea I said it!! #TheBachelorette" read another tweet. "Thomas should def become the next Bachelor...what’s annoying is the guys made him seem like the bad guy bc he said the possibility of becoming the bachelor if it doesn’t work out with her....isn’t that’ every guys wish...he is being honest so he goes home..sad #TheBachelorette" another fan wrote. "I’m usually a Katie fan but I think she was off about Thomas. He’s right when he says each person who auditions for this show has thoughts about being the next bachelor…I mean that’s what happened to her?!? Idk her little “get out” moment was a no for me. #TheBachelorette" wrote another fan.