Is Thomas Jacobs using Katie Thurston? 'The Bachelorette' star slammed for wanting own show

While tensions are running high over Thomas Jacobs' intentions behind being on 'The Bachelorette', fans seemed to be torn on whose side to take

                            Is Thomas Jacobs using Katie Thurston? 'The Bachelorette' star slammed for wanting own show
Katie Thurston and Thomas Jacobs on 'The Bachelorette' (Instagram/ bacheloretteabc)

For Katie Thurston, the road to love has not been easy. While she has been growing closer to some contestants, it turns out, there might be trouble in paradise for her.

On the latest episode of the bachelor, tensions seemed to be running high between Katie and Thomas Jacobs, seeing that Tre Cooper was bent on exposing Thomas' intentions, while Andrew Spencer believes that they should all stay in their lane and focus on their own relationships.


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While most of the contestants have begun to strike friendships among themselves, the men seem to be at odds with one contestant in particular — Thomas. During a previous conversation, Thomas spoke about his intention of being on 'The Bachelor' when he was asked about the show. This information did not sit well with any of the other men, seeing they believed he was manipulating her as Thomas and Katie grew closer.

Fans are currently torn between Tre and Andrew's opinions. While Tre felt it was important for Katie to know the entire truth for her to make an informed decision, Andrew stood his ground, maintaining that Katie should be able to gauge this and learn the truth on her own and more importantly, each of the contestants should focus on their own relationship with her rather than being fussed with the intentions of why others are a part of the process. 

Some fans felt that Andrew was right to let Katie make her own choices. "I like Andrew trusting Katie's judgment & decisions like an ADULT. The guys talking about protecting her all the time feels so condescending. #TheBachelorette," tweeted a fan. "Tre: *getting involved in the drama* Everyone: #thebachelorette," added another. "Katie is making her choices on who to continue with. Katie can figure this out without this much interference from third parties #TheBachelorette," added a user. "Tre: I'm just being true to myself and the tattler that I AM #TheBachelorette #wyatr @ArdenMyrin @annahossnieh," tweeted a user.





On the other hand, fans also felt that although Tre coming clean about what he knew about Thomas was important, they were growing rather close. "I LOVE how some of the men’s bad behavior is being nipped right in the butt and are NOT given the time of day #TheBachelorette," tweeted a fan. "She was going to bring Thomas to hometowns... Good thing Tre warned her. But will Thomas manipulate her into keeping him? And wait is Andrew S friends with Thomas?! WTF? #TheBachelorette," added another. "The fact that Katie says she saw Thomas going to hometowns is proof that Tre was right to to tell her. #TheBachelorette," agreed a fan. 




A few other fans felt as though Thomas hadn't said anything particularly wrong, seeing that most people on the show come to get a platform, seeing that not all of them can win the same. "In Thomas’ defense, he did not say “I want to be the bachelor.” He said he THOUGHT about being the bachelor. Tre is twisting his words #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette," tweeted a fan. "Thomas said he thought about being the bachelor…….everybody on the show has thought about being the bachelor #TheBachelorette," added another.



What do you think? Was Tre right to tell Katie about what he had heard? Does Thomas really have bad intentions or are his words being twisted? Sound off in the comments below.