'The Bachelorette' 2021 Spoiler: Katie Thurston hints at engagement with Blake Moynes

Katie Thurston is one of the most social media savvy lead ever from the Bachelorette franchise but she majorly spoiled her season ending

                            'The Bachelorette' 2021 Spoiler: Katie Thurston hints at engagement with Blake Moynes
Katie Thurston seemingly confirmed she is engaged to Blake Moynes via Instagram story (Instagram)

For 'The Bachelorette' fans, spoilers floating around on the Internet is not a big deal. For years, blogger Reality Steve has been sharing crucial information about the happenings on shows that are part of the Bachelor franchise, sometimes even before the seasons begin to air. However, the leads of the show or the participating suitors/suitresses have always remained tight-lipped about their fate on the show till the end but Katie Thurston has spun that notion on its head and let a major spoiler slip up while posting one of the many updates with her social media followers. 

Thurston responded to a fan comment on Instagram on June 28 and seemingly confirmed the spoiler that she ended up with Moynes and is engaged to him. The comment said, "Can't wait for tomorrow for a new episode" and Thurston replied back writing, "it's a good one, maybe my favorite so far." It's the same episode where Blake Moynes finally arrives on the show to join the rest of the men vying for Thurston's heart. A couple of days ago, Reality Steve had finally revealed the name of the person Thurston ends up with. He had revealed the Top 4 men from the season but held back his comment on who Thurston was engaged to. 

Katie Thurston's reply to a fan where she calls June 28 episode the best, it's the same one where Blake Moynes finally arrives on the show (Instagram/thekatiethurston)



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Katie Thurston is engaged to Blake Moynes

Reality Steve said he does not know how Moynes and Thurston got to the point of getting engaged but that he was very confident about the information he had was true. Here is an excerpt from his blog where he revealed how Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette' ends.

"For the longest time since filming ended, I basically kept hearing things about her final 4 of those who DIDN’T win. And at some point during that time, I’ve received actual proof that Andrew, Justin, and Greg all didn’t win. I obviously can’t share that proof without compromising sources. Last week was when I got the proof on the final guy who didn’t win. So yeah, all signs pointed to Blake due to process of elimination, but I still didn’t feel comfortable reporting Blake because nobody had actually told me “Katie is engaged to Blake.” I also hadn’t been told that she DIDN’T pick him either. Just hadn’t heard anything regarding Blake until this past weekend I got my first “She’s with Blake” info, then yesterday, got the confirmation I needed."