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'The Bachelorette' 2022: Fans demand less air-time for Logan as he returns for 'Men Tell All'

Fans are outraged that Logan's abrupt exit from the show is not addressed in the 'Men Tell All' episode
Logan Palmer in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 'Men Tell All' episode (ABC)
Logan Palmer in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 'Men Tell All' episode (ABC)

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA: Logan Palmer had a lot to explain on Monday's episode of 'The Bachelorette.' The man who bounced from Team Rachel Recchia to Team Gabby Windey revealed his thoughts on everything as he sat on the hot seat in front of host Jesse Palmer on the 'Men Tell All' special.

This week's 'Men Tell All' was more of a commercial for the Virgin Voyages cruise service, Billy Eichner's film 'Bros,' and 'Bachelor in Paradise.' Rachel began the episode by visiting Aven in Salem, Massachusetts. Rachel and Aven visited his parents for dinner after a weird voyage to adore a witch named Lorelai. Despite Rachel's anxieties about the meeting, Aven's father AJ, and mother Dawn adored her, and Aven finished the night by informing Rachel that he was in love with her. With all the hometowns completed, it was time for the men to reconvene and, well, tell it all!


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Logan is ridiculed by the men for switching from Team Rachel to Team Gabby, but he refuses to apologize. "I saw two wonderful people, and although I felt more moved by one connection, I thought, 'Maybe there’s potential in the other one that I haven’t seen before,'" he said. Logan admitted that he should've done things differently from the start after initially agreeing to compete for Rachel's love.

"Looking back, after Rachel gave me the rose, I would’ve liked to pull them both aside and said, 'I am very open to exploring things with Rachel, but I have to be honest, the connection that moved me was with Gabby,'" he added.

He gave it a chance with Rachel, but he quickly realized it wasn't going to work out. Logan stated at the time that he "was constantly battling two things: it was me not wanting to make these women’s journey, which was already so difficult, more difficult, versus me telling my truth and following my heart." Things took a turn for the worst when Logan accepted a rose from Rachel with the express intention of chatting to Gabby.

"I saw this moving connection with Gabby, so I accepted a rose," he acknowledged. "If that’s seen as a b**ch move, then so be it, but I thought it was worth exploring if it means spending the rest of my life with someone."

However, the Other Jordan (not the racing car driver) is not convinced. "I think in your mind, you felt like Rachel really wasn't into you, so your next [thought] was, 'If I flip, I can stay longer.' And that's what you did." Logan maintains that his actions were not manipulative, claiming that whatever misinformation he provided to Rachel was "unintentional." When Palmer asks if he regrets switching sides, he gets the closest to admitting any wrongdoing. "I wish I had done it in a more graceful way," Logan adds. "But I don't regret pursuing Gabby, no."

Why should he? Logan received exactly what he desired: A skit on 'Bachelor in Paradise!' Now he may bask in the sickening glory of reality TV fame while he can.

Logan Palmer in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC)
Logan Palmer in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (YouTube/BachelorNationonABC)

Logan later asks Rachel's forgiveness in the episode. "I think I was looking for the perfect time to have a conversation where it was private and where I could say everything I wanted to say," he says. "But I wish I didn't wait for the perfect time or the perfect place… I'm trying to be better." Now that he's turned around and gone on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' viewers aren't sure if there was anything "better" about it.

Rachel and Logan in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 Men Tell All (ABC)
Rachel and Logan in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 Men Tell All (ABC)

Fans quickly took to Twitter to address the elephant in the room which is the show not addressing Logan's sudden exit: "The way Logan got a hot seat and they still didn't address his "covid" ordeal?? #TheBachelorette #bachelorette." Talking about Logan and how he perceives himself, a fan wrote: "My main issue with Logan is that he thinks he’s WAY cuter than he actually is #TheBachelorette." Demanding for the show and him to address the conspiracy, a fan tweeted: "Logan did you actually have Covid or was there a conspiracy?! #TheBachelorette #bachelorette #MenTellAll." Asking not to give Logan anymore airtime, another fan wrote: "STOP GIVING LOGAN AIRTIME NOBODY LIKES HIM #Bachelorette #TheBachelorette."





However, one fan came to his rescue: "What Logan did is not a crime. All of Clare’s men switched to Tayshia lol #TheBachelorette." Speaking about he was one of the only problematic contestants to return for the 'Men Tell All' episode, a fan tweeted: "Logan realizing he was the only “villain” to show up to the Tell All #bachelorette #thebachelorette." Questioning his participation in 'Bachelor in Paradise,' a fan wrote: "Sure Logan… you wanted to “spend the rest of your life with one of them”… and yet you left with no explanation and now you’re on B.I.P… #TheBachelorette #bachelorette." Blaming the production for whatever happened with Logan and the bachelorettes, a fan wrote: "He wasn’t allowed to pursue Gabby in a more graceful way because production literally prevented Logan from talking to either Rachel or Gabby for 2 whole weeks. #TheBachelorette."





'The Bachelorette' airs Mondays at 8 pm on ABC.

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