'The Bachelor' Season 26: Serene gets eliminated after hometowns date

'The Bachelor' Season 26: Serene gets eliminated after hometowns date
Clayton and Serene on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

Going into hometowns is a crucial part of 'The Bachelor'. After all, this is the segment where the lead meets with the families of top four contestants. For Clayton, meeting with the ladies' families allows him to gain better insight into who they are.

Serene and Clayton have been into each other right from the start, with Serene opening up and being vulnerable with Clayton early on, causing him to fall harder for her.


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Clayton met with Serene's mother, her older brother Roland and her best friend, Melaine. As she explained, her brother was the calm and collected type, but deep down, she knows he cares for her and is concerned about her well-being. Roland wasted no time in taking Clayton aside to talk about his relationship with his sister. Roland expressed concern over Serene getting her heart broken. However, he did note that he had never seen his sister be this vulnerable around someone and acknowledged that they had something special.

While Roland wasted no time getting down to business, fans were instantly distracted by his voice, seeing that they couldn't help but compare it to former president Barack Obama. "Roland's phone after this episode. #TheBachelor #Bachelor #TheBachelorABC" tweeted a fan. "Whenever I heard Roland talk: #TheBachelor" added another. "When Roland talks all I hear is #thebachelor" noted another. "Roland sounds like Southern Obama..it is so odd. #TheBachelor" agreed another.









Apart from noticing his voice, fans were gushing over Roland in general! "#TheBachelor Is Roland single? Cause if so, I'd watch a whole ass season with him" tweeted a fan. "Serene's brother Roland for the next #Bachelor @bachnation" added another. "Roland is a great brother whose put in the work to be Serene's protector. Their bond is special. #TheBachelor" noted a fan. "Roland being the best big brother, pls  #TheBachelor Claydough was shaking n struggling to answer them questions, chile" noted a fan. 









It looks like Roland certainly has cause for concern, seeing that Serene later told Clayton that she was in love with him. However, the night did end in heartbreak for Serene, seeing that Serene ended up going home when it came to the rose ceremony. She confronted him about why she didn't get a rose, asking if he was overwhelmed by her confession earlier. Clayton didn't have much to say other than he had stronger connections. 

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