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'The Bachelor' Season 26 Finale: Fans demand Gabby should be named 'The Bachelorette'

Although the Season 18 'Bachelorette' will be revealed soon, fans hope it is Gabby
UPDATED MAR 16, 2022
Gabby on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)
Gabby on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

If you've been keeping up with the three-part finale of 'The Bachelor' Season 26, then you know it has been all sort of dramatic. Clayton seems to be dropping the ball at every given second, with no chance of redemption whatsoever. After ending things with Susie, it looks like he is still hung up on her. And it seems to have cost him his other relationships too. 

After talking to Susie about their relationship, Clayton realised that he was the only one he wanted. But this meant having to break the news to both Gabby and Rachel. For some wild reason, Clayton assumed that a joint break-up was the way to go, as he told them both that he was in love with Susie and picked her. While Rachel was heartbroken, Gabby was rightfully livid and held him accountable for his actions. 


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Gabby stated that if he knew from the start that Susie was the one, he should have picked her. He should have not tried to make her fight for their relationship and in addition, he should have at least broken up with them separately. She even argued that Clayton talked a big game, but his actions spoke louder than his words. Clayton asked if he could walk her out but Gabby responded with a strong 'no', leaving the show. When Gabby joined Jesse later, she confronted Clayton yet again, telling him that when a person claims to love someone, they assume the responsibility to protect them and not hurt them, and yet Clayton did both. Fans were happy to see Gabby stand up for herself and not hold back. 

"Yassss Gabby. You read him like a book. He couldn't even admit what he did. Clayton is really is an idiot. #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan. "If that you STINK like nasty shit doesn’t say I cant stand you anywhere near me was a picture #TheBachelor" added another. "I made up my mind gabby for next bachelorette!!!!!! That was amazing tell him sister!!!! #TheBachelor" said a fan. "Gabby would be The People’s Bachelorette #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor" noted a fan. "Gabby is one of the classiest, most beautiful bad ass women ever to grace #BachelorNation " said a fan. "The way Gabby calmly, eloquently, and artfully took this man down on live TV is a goddamn master class. If she is not the Bachelorette, we ride at midnight." added another. 
"why does clayton feel like he needs these women to “fight for him” when literally 30 women put their lives on pause and put their hearts on the line for this white bread man #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC" added another. 








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