'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Did Natalia and Arun survive the most strenous segment?

'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Did Natalia and Arun survive the most strenous segment?
Natalia doing the bungee jump at The Verzasca Dam, Switzerland. (CBS)

The Amazing Race’ Season 33 made a terrific return after the CBS reality show had to halt filming due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Four teams were not able to return for the race for various reasons, but the network found a way to make things more interesting by calling back the two teams that were eliminated in the first two legs of the race.

Michael-Moe and Arun-Natalia once again began their journey in Switzerland with other five teams. However, it didn’t end well for Michael and Moe as they ended the first leg of Switzerland at the last place and were eliminated from the show. The second leg of Switzerland started with teams going to Ticino and doing The Verzasca Dam bungee jump. It is the second-highest bungee jump in the world at 720 feet.


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Ryan and Dusty were the first to arrive and it was Dusty who did the jump successfully. On the other hand, Kim decided that she will do the jump. She was really scared, but when she completed the jump, Penn was really proud of her and crying because he was scared of losing her. Lulu and Lala also completed the jump successfully while it needed some good convincing for Sheridan to do the jump. Interestingly, Dusty was the only male member to do the jump and all the other jumpers were women. Elsewhere, Natalie and Arun were last to reach.

During the second part of the leg, the teams could choose one of the two tasks to move ahead in the race. First, the teams need to do the ‘Bartender Race’, collecting 12 bottles of wine and 12 bags of chestnuts to the top of the 400-steps long staircase to get the clue. Second, the teams could go to one of the restaurants and try making the world-famous Luganighetta Sausage to move forward.


Ryan and Dusty in 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)


Ryan-Dusty, Kim-Penn, and Akbar-Sheridan were doing the Bartender Race while Lulu and Lala tried making the sausage. Raquel-Cayla and Arun-Natalia were the last two teams to reach the place. Ryan and Dusty were the first ones to arrive at the pit stop. It’s the second consecutive week that they have finished first. Lulu and Lala were the second while Kim and Penn were the third ones to reach the pit stop. At that time, Akbar and Sheridan were doing the Bartender Race while Raquel and Cayla were making the sausages.

Eventually, Akbar-Sheridan and Raquel-Cayla were the fourth and fifth teams to arrive. Once again, it was Natalia and Arun who ended up on the last spot and they were so late that the lady who was welcoming the teams along with Phil had to leave. However, the luck was on their side as Phil announced that it was a “non-elimination” leg, meaning Natalia and Arun will get one more chance to stay in the race.

Can they do something better in the next leg? We’ll find out when ‘The Amazing Race’ returns.

‘The Amazing Race’ returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 9 pm EST.


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