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'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Natalie and Arun eliminated as race gets SUSPENDED

Natalie and Arun was the second team to get eliminated from the show as they arrived last during the Scotland leg
UPDATED JAN 13, 2022
Natalie and Arun is the second team to get eliminated from 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)
Natalie and Arun is the second team to get eliminated from 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)

‘The Amazing Race’ has been one of the most enthralling reality TV shows of all time and that’s why there’s a sense of excitement whenever CBS announces a new season. Season 33 of the competition reality show started with a two-hour premiere in London and had so many great moments. In Episode 3, the teams were now traveling to Scotland for the next leg of the competition and waiting to get the next clue.

They get to Scotland via train and as soon as they reach there, the race resumes. When the train arrived in Scotland, Isaiah and Taylor were in the first place. Teams had to drive themselves across Scotland’s largest city to Glasgow’s west end and find Oran Morto to pick up their next clue.


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The teams had to at the roadblock and join the iconic bagpiper band to receive their next clue. The teams had to assemble a bagpipe and then play it with the band in order to get forward in the race. If the captain of the Bagpiping team was impressed, the teams would receive their next clue. Kim & Penn are currently in the first place. Kim assembled the bagpipe and played it successfully. Ryan & Dusty are in second place while Natalia and Arun are lost and arguing.

However, it was getting hard for everyone to drive there because they were driving on the right side of the vehicle. After finishing the roadblock task, the team now were heading to Alexander Park where they had to locate a foundation to get their next clue. Kim and Penn were the first to arrive there as well.

Kim and Penn Holderness in 'The Amazing Race' Season 3 (CBS)

Two teams – Akbar & Sheri and Natalie & Arun – are having great difficulties during the Scotland leg of the race. Eventually, they do end up making bagpipes and finishing the task. However, they are really behind and in danger of getting eliminated. But things got worse for Natalie and Arun when they went in the wrong direction and lost the ground.
While arriving at the pit stop, Kim and Penn were the first to arrive while Ryan and Dusty were the second teams to arrive at the final destination. Meanwhile, Lulu and Lala, who were the last to arrive during the London's leg, keep the pace and are team number seven to arrive at the Pit Stop.

Akbar-Sheri and Natalie-Arun were the only two teams remaining to arrive at the pit stop. Natalie and Arun were the last ones to arrive and the second couple to get eliminated.
During the ending moments of the show, we see Phil telling the teams that the pandemic is raging across the globe and it’s logical to suspend the race so that everyone remains safe.

Phil Keoghan, the host of 'The Amazing Race'. (CBS)

The show ends with teams arriving for the race once again after a gap of 19 months and some teams are missing. This time, they start the race in Switzerland.

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 returns to CBS with a new episode every Thursday at 9 pm EST.