'The Amazing Race' Season 33 Episode 3: Caro and Ray argue, fans say he's 'being mean'

Fans also noted that they are witnessing the beginning of the end of the 'Love Island' couple's relationship

                            'The Amazing Race' Season 33 Episode 3: Caro and Ray argue, fans say he's 'being mean'
Caro and Ray on 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)

Season 33 of ‘The Amazing Race’ enthralled everyone with a two-hour premiere last week and the show is back for another thrilling episode this week as well. One of the teams on the show knows a thing or two about being on a reality show and when it was announced that they will be making an appearance on the show, everyone thought they might come out as the winners. Yes, we are talking about Caro and Ray, the couple from ‘Love Island’.

The couple entered the show in good spirits and were confident that they’ll do perfectly. However, they are now getting to know the difference between a dating reality show and a competition reality show. During Episode 3, the team was in Scotland and had to make their way to Scotland’s largest city to Glasgow’s west end and find Oran Morto to pick up their next clue.


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While making their way to the Roadblock, the teams must assemble a bagpipe and play it. If the Bagpiper Captain likes the sound of it, the teams will get the next clue. While on the road, Ray seemed to have some problems with the car and Caro was not pleased with how Ray was driving. A few moments later, Ray was not able to control the car and its speed, which made Caro a little nervous. So, she started crying and said she wants to get there safely. Ray got really frustrated with that and noted that she should keep it down.

He got off the car and stood on the street. Caro came outside and said “sorry” while hugging him. However, Ray didn’t want a hug and said “please, get off me.” He also stated that he is a “positive” guy and Caro shouldn’t put her negative vibes on him. As soon as the moment came on the show, social media erupted with a lot of reactions and slammed Ray for his “bad behavior”.

One of the fans said, “What a d***, I'm glad they're broken up.” Another fan noted, “Caro & Jay are a mess.” Meanwhile, one of the fans shared that Caro shouldn’t have been apologizing because it was not her fault. He wrote, “Don’t apologize to him for HIS bad behavior, Caro!”





“The #AmazingRace and The #LoveIsland couple is learning the difference between competition reality and dating reality shows,” stated another fan.



On the other hand, one of the fans wrote, “That long-distance couple (the boyfriend) is being mean.” Another social media user noted, “We are witnessing Caro & Ray’s breakup. They just don’t know it yet.”





“Ughhhhh this is how their breakup started,” shared another user.



Caro and Ray are currently in fifth place on ‘The Amazing Race’.

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