TikToker @trinitycomedy claims Texas restaurant segregated Black and White people

'All one color on one side and the others in the larger area,' TikToker Trinity claimed in her video

                            TikToker @trinitycomedy claims Texas restaurant segregated Black and White people
TikTok comedian Trinity claimed that a Texas restaurant she visited was separating the seating area for Black and white guests (Instagram)

A Texas restaurant is believed to have segregated their Black guests and White guests, with separate seating arrangements for the two groups. The shocking claim was made by prominent TikToker Trinity, who shared a video on her TikTok account @trinitycomedy. The video was captured by her after she visited the restaurant herself and noticed the unusual seating pattern.

The video garnered more than 44,000 views in just 24 hours, as scores of people condemned the alleged racial segregation. A caption overlay on the video clip notes, "we were seated in a restaurant and immediately noticed something", followed by "all one color on one side and the others in the larger area." The footage pans over the restaurant interiors where the two groups appear to be seated on two sides of the restaurant separated by a staircase. 


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In the video, the camera shows the occupied tables from where Trinity was seated. All of the tables near and around her seem to be occupied by people of color, barring one table towards the back where a lone elderly white man was dining. 

She then shows the other side of the restaurant, separated from Trinity's side by a staircase. On closer inspection, one observes that the side is exclusively occupied by white guests. As far as Trinity's camera captured, no people of color were seated among the white guests and vice versa. You can watch the video here

However, not everyone agreed with Trinity's version of the incident, as some viewers argued that she was overthinking it. She was accused of "reaching" to find a problem where there was nothing. They dismissed the apparent segregation as nothing but a coincidence. Even some employees working in the food-service sector noted that restaurants often worked on a rotation system which made the seating arrangement quite random. 

Then again, a major section of the viewers found the seating arrangement problematic and discriminatory towards people of color. Daily Dot journalist Nahila Bonfiglio noted, "The choice of where a table is seated is ultimately up to both the host and the patrons, as customers are almost always allowed to request a specific table or area. This explanation could serve to absolve the restaurant of any blame regarding the unfortunate seating arrangement."

Despite raging demands from her viewers, Trinity chose not to reveal the name of the restaurant as she received good service from a Black server at the place. 

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