Briana DeJesus calls Devoin 'not a real man', 'Teen Mom 2' fans say he takes care of her kids

'How Devoin not a real man when he takes care of BOTH of your kids?!' said a fan

                            Briana DeJesus calls Devoin 'not a real man', 'Teen Mom 2' fans say he takes care of her kids
Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus in 'Teen Mom 2' (MTV)

After watching what an amazing and supportive friend Briana DeJesus has been to her 'Teen Mom 2' co-star Jade Cline, if you thought she would extend the same love and support to her baby daddy Devoin Austin, then you couldn't be more wrong.

During Briana's segment of reunion, the showrunners played a small clip featuring her key moments from the season. Most of it revolved around Briana feeling bad for her daughter Stella after Luis, her father, failed to show up for her. But thankfully, Briana's other baby daddy Devoin stepped in and took not only his daughter Nove but also Stella out with him and spent time with them. The 'Teen Mom 2' star got very emotional watching it and began thanking Devoin for taking care of Stella and being there for her. Just as things were beginning to look good between the duo, everything quickly went south when the topic of finances and child support payments came up.


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Briana felt that Devoin wasn't supporting his daughter financially the way he should and brought up how he is comfortable spending $500 on a pair of jeans but won't pay $250 per month towards Nova's expenses. She accused Devoing of not being a 'real man' and slammed him for doing the 'bare minimum' as a parent. She continued to cuss him and being disrespectful towards him. 

Devoin got annoyed and stormed off the stage saying he was done. He felt that Briana wasn't letting him explain his side of the story, and was just simply shouting and talking over him. But before he stepped off the stage Devoin pointed how Briana didn't have to do a 9-5 job to support her children, and that he is doing the best he can with what he has. Fans seem to agree with Devoin, as they all called out the 'Teen Mom 2' star for being disrespectful towards him.

A fan tweeted, "So Briana lets a "not a real man" take her daughters out? Brian's is a b*tch, a house full of man haters. She will never be satisfied. #TeenMom2." "#TeenMom2 Devoin does the bare minimum like caring for a child that isn't his, & being a parent to Nova. Briana is a whole headache. Briana is never satisfied," echoed a fan. Another fan added, "How you go from crying and thanking him for having a relationship with your second child to cussing him out? #TeenMom2."





Another fan wrote, "And apparently bare minimum means stepping up for your child that ain’t his #TeenMom2." "How Devoin not a real man when he takes care of BOTH of your kids?! #TeenMom2," wondered a fan. Another fan pointed, "He does the bare minimum?? He's not a real man??? WOWWWWW. I completely see why Devoin says she's a good mom, but a bad person. She literally thanked him and cursed him out in under 5mins, in the same conversation wtf #TeenMom2."




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