‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Finale: Are Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline worst moms? A look at their baby daddies

This kind of toxic relationship between their parents might have a detrimental impact on the children growing up

                            ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Finale: Are Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline worst moms? A look at their baby daddies
Jade Cline (left) and Briana Dejesus (Instagram)

As MTV’s hit spin-off of ‘16 and Pregnant’ comes to an end we look back at the toxic relationships of mom Briana DeJesus and mom Jade Cline and how they put their children in danger because of it. 

On one hand, we have Briana who kept complaining the entire season about her first baby daddy’s lack of support physically and financially for their daughter Nova. While baby daddy Devoin consistently took to Instagram to badmouth his daughter’s mother hurling abuse at him, Devoin never paid child support for his daughter and gave the reason that Briana earned a lot of money from the show and didn’t need his support. He further claimed he was not rich enough to pay child support and Briana shouldn’t ask him for money.

Briana then went on to comment on his pictures on his Instagram handle where he is seen wearing expensive Gucci sneakers and holding money. She felt frustrated by the gangster/rapper image that he tried to portray when he couldn’t even pay child support. Devoin had earlier shamed Briana’s body and the surgeries she had done and her woman-dominated family.

Now here’s how it can get toxic, their 8-year-old daughter, Nova has her own personal phone and the very public exchange of abuse between her parents that tore the internet into two groups, one who supported Devoin and the other who supported Briana was constantly exposed to her. 


For an already anxious and shy child this surely added extra mental stress instead of having a normal carefree childhood. Recently Devoin took it too far when he posted Briana’s number on social media putting Briana, his daughter Nova and their entire family in danger.


Devoin and Briana were having a fight over text messages when Devoin apparently decided to make her number viral. Devoin asked why Briana was seemingly only letting him spend time with Nova if it’s to drive her somewhere or when Briana “needs” him.
She claimed she was trying to make it easier for him to “get back to work full time and not complain saying [he] took more days off and [wasn’t] making any money.” Thinking it was all too “convenient”, the 28-year-old dad suggested she was doing all of this only because 'Teen Mom' is currently filming. In the texts, he told her: “Briana you are scum and I hope you rot in hell. Start using condoms." 

“I will now share this conversation with the fans of the show! Since they will be wondering where I am all season lol.” In response, the mother of two explained that while she doesn’t want him around for filming, and that he said he doesn’t care about the show, that “doesn’t mean [he] can’t be a part of [Nova’s] life.”

Texts shared between Devoin and Briana (MTV)

“U can be Nova’s father. Never said you couldn’t. But for the show, it’s not relevant,” she added. Trying to read into her texts, he told fans: “Y’all prepare for a new baby or a new boyfriend(s).” One of the final messages he shared with 'Teen Mom' fans had Bri telling Devoin: “I decided for this season I don’t want to film with u or talk about u."

“So if u want to do something with Nova and for it to be filmed to get paid now that they gave u more money, let them know. And I’ll work out my schedule to see if it works for us.” After weeks of feuding between the co-parents with claims that he's a bad father, Devoin announced last week that he was quitting MTV's 'Teen Mom' unless he was getting more money and Briana claimed he was getting more money.



The duo made it very clear that they were putting up an act of being good parents or spending time with Nova so that they could get more screen space resulting in more money.

On the other hand, we have Jade Cline and Sean Austin who share 3-year-old daughter Kloie. The couple kept breaking up and patching up for a long time and once that got old they claimed they broke up for good but Sean continued to live at Jade’s house. Jade said he was helping around the house and babysitting Kloie but the couple fought every time the show premiered. Kloie was exposed to screaming and howling between her parents and sometimes she became a victim of their abuse and was at the receiving end of their screams. 

In the latest episode before the finale, we saw Sean was late for babysitting Kloie and when he finally arrived Jade had already asked her neighbor to look after her daughter and she didn’t let Sean in. Sean was mad and he broke Jade’s living room window while Kloie was still inside. Scared at the unexpected aggressiveness, Jade called up the police authorities but they dismissed her saying, “put a piece of wood on the window".



Jade tried to get a restraining order against Sean who threatened to destroy her car. In the finale episode, Sean told one of the show producers that he had hit his rock bottom and he didn’t mean to break the window. He said since Jade locked the main door at him, he knocked all the windows to see if any window was open and one of the windows broke. Even if that was the case, the situation sounded pretty psychotic on Sean's part who was hell-bent on breaking inside. Sean didn’t offer any explanation about his threat to wreck Jade’s car. 

Even though Kloie is too young to understand any of it, we have no idea how this kind of relationship equation between her parents might affect her when she grows up.


'Teen Mom 2' Season 10 will be back with a two-part reunion on 2021 as the official handle posted, "That's a wrap on this season of #TeenMom2! We'll see you here in 2021 for our 2-part Reunion special."


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