‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: Dr Drew sides with Devoin, tells Briana her mom and sister can take care of the children

28-year-old Devoin argued that his ex makes more than him, stating: 'I'm just stating the obvious' and the hosts seemed to agree

                            ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: Dr Drew sides with Devoin, tells Briana her mom and sister can take care of the children
Devoin, Dr Drew and Briana (Mtv)

Earlier during the reunion special, Devoin Austin slammed Briana DeJesus for asking him to pay child support for their nine-year-old daughter Nova in the presence of hosts Dr Drew and Nessa.

The 28-year-old argued that his ex makes more than him, stating: "I'm just stating the obvious. It’s on paper. We can bring out salary. How much you've made. How much I've made. It's not even close." Briana, 26, responded, "I don't think it's fair that you count what I make or what I don't make because at the end of the day we both made Nova together and it's not fair that I'm doing everything by myself."


Devoin fired back and said: "You make all those decisions you do. You don't look up what's financially efficient for me or you. You make that decision on your salary. You do not consult with me before you sign her name on something. You never do."

When Dr Drew seemed to support Devoin saying, “He has a point.” Briana was frustrated and left the room. Briana has been slamming Devoin the entire season for neither paying any child support nor doing his job right when he is asked to pick Nova up from school or gymnastics.

On the second part of the reunion, Devoin was accompanied by Briana's mother Roxy who mentioned that Briana takes care of the entire family. Her income that Devoin keeps bringing up is used to support herself, her two daughters Stella and Nova, her sister and her mother. 


Devoin then put up a phony act and said, “I need to be appreciated for something” and was met with sympathetic glances from the decked up hosts on the other side of the screen. Later Briana returned to the couch with her sister and her mother who was already present. Devoin had left the scene and Briana reminded the host how he had earlier complimented Devoin on his head to toe branded get up. Well, where did he get the money for that? Devoin often posts pictures of branded sneakers and of himself holding money on social media and when it comes to paying child support to his daughter he makes all kinds of excuses and almost always ends up shaming Briana. 

Briana also pointed out how he does a bad job when it comes to looking after their daughter Nova. When Nova is with him, he is either playing video games with his roommate or doing something else and Nova ends up coming back with incomplete homework. Briana pointed out how night after night she had to come home exhausted from work and then finish Nova’s homework that Devoin was supposed to help with.


Briana mentioned both her baby daddies Devoin and Luis Hernandez, who is supportive financially but not emotionally, should either help her raise the kids or leave her completely alone so that she could figure out herself what was to be done.

The lack of support from the hosts as Briana was pouring her heart out didn’t really help the situation and at one point Dr Drew even asked, “Aren’t your mother and sister there to help you out with the kids?” Briana responded, “They shouldn’t have to, their fathers should.” All in all, the reunion was heavily based on the negative comments Briana has been receiving the entire season and the hosts were too scared to stir away from the general notion and show some support to the mother, which is the original concept of the Mtv show.

The drama is not over yet. On Tuesday, January 19, Mtv will return with a special episode on Briana's family where a secret will be revealed. Briana gets a text which said she and her sister Brittany has a brother that their mom tried to keep a secret from them all these years. Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm ET on Mtv.

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