'Teen Mom 2': Jade Cline and Sean Austin call it quits AGAIN, fans say 'move on love'

Jade Cline claims she seems similarities between Sean Austin and her mother, giving her enough reason to end their relationship

                            'Teen Mom 2': Jade Cline and Sean Austin call it quits AGAIN, fans say 'move on love'
Sean Austin and Jade Cline as seen on 'Teen Mom 2' (MTV)

For Jade Cine, parenting and achieving her goals as an individual has not been an easy feat. While she's often looked to her partner Sean Austin for support, it seems like he's never really stepped up to the challenge. Jade seems to have had enough of Sean not being the man she needs him to be. She also noted that Sean's behavior is not too different from her mother's and she was tired of supporting him. Moreover, she believes that he's back to abusing drugs, seeing that he has spent nights awake with his friend at Jade's home. Plus, she even found out that he's on Tinder, which was the final straw. Jade decided that this relationship has run its course marking what might be the end for them.

Throughout their relationship, they've had their fair share of problems. But this time, it seems to have gotten from bad to worse. With Sean's behavior mirroring her parents; Jade believes that it's now time for them to part ways.


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Fans supported her decision, stating that better things were to come from here on out. "If I was Jade, I'd move to a whole new state and start over There's nothing for her there. #TeenMom2 #teenmom" tweeted a fan. "@jade_desere move on love!!! The signs are all pointing you in that direction!!! @TeenMom #TeenMom2 @MTV" added another

"@jade_desere I think so many of us have been waiting for you to see the similarities between Sean and your mother! Please keep growing and realizing that you deserve so much more! Sometimes finding yourself means losing others! Stay strong beautiful mama! @TeenMom" said a fan, showing their support.

"@jade_desere made some valid points! You need someone who's growing WITH you, not being stagnant and weighing you down. More power to you girl" tweeted a fan. "Who's going to tell Sean that DADS DON'T BABYSIT…. @TeenMom" pointed out a fan. "Sean, when you're a drug addict, you will always have people suspicious of relapse….. #TeenMom2 #teenmom" said another, addressing Jade's main concern. 












However, not everyone was Team Jade, seeing that some fans believed that Sean has definitely tried to rise to the challenge, but Jade has not made it easier. Sean spoke about the breakup as well, saying that he's been a hands-on dad while Jade achieved her goals. But when it came to his time going out there and doing what he wants, Jade expects him to stay at home all the time, which Sean states was emasculating. He also addressed his alleged drug abuse, saying that he was not doing drugs but was spending his nights producing music and making time for his work. He even sold off the ring he'd given Jade. So for him, he was now broke and had nothing, but was happy, so to say the least.

Some fans were on team Sean, believing that he has tried. "Hope Sean finds someone who appreciates how he bends over backwards to make his woman happy. : )" said a fan. "It's awkward because it's the millionth time and we all know she'll take him back…..again" added a fan. "She never let Shawn have a life outside of home. Good luck with the next guy." stated another. 







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