Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa says Taylor Swift 'ruined my life' after 10-minute tear fest

Mia Khalifa was seen crying over the re-recorded Taylor Swift song 'All Too Well' on her stories on Instagram

                            Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa says Taylor Swift 'ruined my life' after 10-minute tear fest
Mia Khalifa was driven to tears thanks to Taylor's Swift's 'All Too Well' (Instagram, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Former porn star Mia Khalifa recently put up a very emotional avatar of herself on her Instagram Stories. In her story, Mia Khalifa says, Taylor Swift "ruined her life".

In the background, the re-recorded version of Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' can be heard. The song was originally released in 2012.


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Taylor Swift's re-recorded version was released this week. The version is about 10-minute long. The song was released as a short film, directed by Swift herself. A tearful Mia can be seen on the video she posted on her Instagram Stories as the song played in the background. She wrote on the story: “Blondie has ruined my life with this 10 minute All Too Well.”

Mia Khalifa vibing to the Taylor Swift song ( Instagram/miakhalifa)

Mia has already discussed Taylor on social media, including when she shared an old TikTok on Twitter of her singing along to some of her famous songs.

She put a caption on the TikTok clip “Me: ‘I hate Taylor Swift’” before writing “Also Me:” above her singing away. She recently was reported to record the whole 'Red' album which she prefers to call the Taylor's version. There are 30 songs on the CD, with 20 of them being re-recorded tunes.

"Blondie you gotta stop doing this to us" Says Mia on her story as she listens to the new Taylor Swift song (Instagram/miakhalifa)

Mia, a Taylor Swift lover, posted videos of herself getting botox injections in her underarms to her millions of Instagram followers last month.The 28-year-old joked about finishing the operation, which takes around the same amount of time as the new Taylor Swift single. "Not in my forehead yet, still just in my armpits," she said in the video.

This year, the former porn star addressed her Twitter followers, calling for a boycott of the world's "predatory" porn industry. "I don't boycott the predatory porn industry and instead support creators directly," she stated in a satirical tweet, followed by a series of red flag emojis.

The popularity of Mia Khalifa started when she was seen wearing a hijab in an adult video for a short while. Many criticized the scene and looked at it as cultural mockery. This didn't stop here and along with the online abuse she also got death threats from ISIS.

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