Taylor Frankie Paul: 'Swinging' mormon mom rejoins social media after domestic violence arrest

Taylor Frankie Paul: 'Swinging' mormon mom rejoins social media after domestic violence arrest
Taylor Frankie Paul resumes her regular TikTok posting on March 18, 2023 (Instagram/@taylorfrankiepaul)

SALT LAKE COUNTY, UTAH: Taylor Frankie Paul has resumed posting her TikTok content routinely. Paul, 28, made her return to the platform on Saturday, March 18 with boyfriend Dakota Mortensen in a video capturing their morning routine after she was arrested for alleged domestic violence in February in Utah.

The Mormon TikToker wrote in the caption, "It's been a minute, missed you guys." In the morning routine clip, Paul gets out of bed beside her lover Mortensen, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, shaves her underarms, has breakfast with her morning meds, and then leaves for the gym with her boyfriend before picking up groceries at Trader Joe's. "Ok, that pretty much wraps up our morning. We're gonna go get lunch, we're gonna go look at houses, but thank you guys... for watching," Paul concluded.


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'Glad to see you back'

On the TikTok post's comment section, several people have reacted to Paul making a return, with one person writing, "I was wondering where you went, I've missed your videos lol." Another person wrote, "Glad to see you back. I missed your videos."



It’s been a minute, missed you guys.

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A third person wrote, "Missed you beautiful, keep being you your the star of your life, keep on living it!!" One person wrote, "Gawwwwhhh so happy to see y'all back at it and doing well. Sending all the love to you both." This other person wrote, "I'm glad your able to find peace in the madness, inspirational."


What is Taylor Frankie Paul currently being charged with?

Paul was arrested by Herriman Police Department (HPD) officers in February on suspicion of misdemeanor charges of assault, criminal mischief, and domestic violence committed while a child was present. The HPD said at the time, "[The] evidence also suggests that during the incident, Ms. Paul's minor child was injured by an action of Ms. Paul."



The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office was consulted on felony assault charges and a misdemeanor charge of careless child abuse when police discovered new video footage following her arrest. She now faces three third-degree felonies for assault and domestic violence as well as two misdemeanors, according to court documents acquired by People.

What few guidelines is Taylor Frankie Paul required to follow?

Court documents stated that Mortensen asked for and was denied a pretrial protection order; however, the children were granted one. Paul is ordered not to drink alcohol in the meanwhile. On Friday, March 17, the state lifted the protective order that was still in place, owing to a few restrictions, one of which was that Paul was not allowed to be present when Mortensen and her children were there. Furthermore, while the case is still ongoing, she is not permitted to speak with the children about it.



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 Taylor Frankie Paul: 'Swinging' mormon mom rejoins social media after domestic violence arrest