'Swinging' Mormon TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul and BF share loved up video month after her arrest

'Swinging' Mormon TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul and BF share loved up video month after her arrest
Taylor Frankie Paul reunited with her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen after she was arrested for domestic violence (@taylorfrankiepaul/Instagram, TikTok/Taylor Frankie Paul)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: A month after TikToker and Mormon influencer Taylor Frankie Paul, 28, was accused of domestic violence during an argument with her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen, 30, the two are back together. The influencer and her boyfriend both uploaded a TikTok video of themselves together on March 18. The two also exchanged kisses on the cheek.


The couple frequently posts about themselves doing everyday tasks like brushing their teeth, exercising, going to the gym and shopping at Trader Joe's. It was the first time the two have been seen together since their February 17 altercation, which injured Mortensen and Paul's daughter Indy Paul, 5, the older of their two children from her marriage to ex Tate Paul.


'Swinging' Mormon TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul arrested for domestic violence as BF defends her

Mormon swinger Taylor Frankie Paul threw chair at BF but missed and hit her 5-year-old daughter

'I will be there for her'

Taylor recently started uploading pictures of her children again, including a picture of herself with Indy and her 2-year-old son Ocean on her Instagram Stories. In a March 12 post, the TikToker talked about her personal problems.


The influencer also explained on her Instagram Stories that the last few weeks had been the hardest of her life, "I wanted to thank all of those who have been by my side, those who reached out and the strangers that stopped to hug me." 

(TikTok screenshot/E! News)
TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul and her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen reunite after she was arrested for domestic violence (TikTok)


Taylor added, "I've silently been working on healing, therapy, a blessing, starting classes, and got on antidepressants to help me during this time. I'm starting to feel progress and will be back to work soon."

In a TikTok video posted on February 27, Mortensen mentioned Frankie and said, "She's an incredible mom and she loves her kids so much." He continued, "I will be there for her and help her in any way that I can. It just sucks. This whole thing sucks."


What happened to Taylor Frankie Paul?

The 28-year-old mother, a Mormon influencer known for her popular TikTok videos, was charged with domestic violence and child abuse. In addition to a felony of aggravated assault, Paul was charged with two felonies for domestic violence in the presence of a child.

According to the probable statement, her boyfriend Mortensen and Paul allegedly got into a fight, and when Mortensen tried to leave, she allegedly started hitting him. Paul is also accused of hitting her five-year-old daughter in the head with one of several "heavy metal chairs" she allegedly threw at Mortensen, CBS News reports.


Investigators viewed footage of the incident, which allegedly included Paul choking Mortensen, kicking him, and punching him repeatedly. Mortensen further claimed Paul threw her phone and a wooden playset at him, with the toy hitting his car and damaging a door.

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 Taylor Frankie Paul and BF reunite after domestic violence arrest