Is Tati Westbrook bankrupt? YouTuber sold LA condo and downsized lifestyle

Is Tati Westbrook bankrupt? YouTuber sold LA condo and downsized lifestyle
Tati Westbrook reveals she sold her Bellevue condo in Los Angeles amid litigation drama (YouTube)

Tati Westbrook has made a lot of her fans happy after she returned to YouTube, but she revealed details of what she went through in the past year, including the $30 million lawsuit against her after which she had to downsize her lifestyle. Tati has an audience of 8 million-plus on the video-sharing platform. Tati began her career filming makeup reviews on her channel and with time she was considered as one of the most genuine creators on the platform, someone who makeup enthusiasts could trust. Her pleasing demeanor also helped her gain a lot of support from the community she built on YouTube who didn't leave her side after the James Charles, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star drama she was involved in 2020 post which she exited YouTube indefinitely.

Tati opened up to her followers about all the trials and tribulations she experienced in the past year where she was off all social media and YouTube. Before she left, Tati made a video explaining how Dawson and Star manipulated her against making a video about James Charles. While she didn't give out a lot of details, the YouTuber said she revealed as much as she was permitted to do so legally. In her comeback video, Tati spoke about the death threats and the exposé threats she received from all quarters. Tati said she received disturbing emails saying she was monitored through her smart TV and there were videos that blackmailers said would be posted all over the Internet if she didn't pay up. 


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Is Tati Westbrook bankrupt?

Tati also revealed she had accounts made under her name on popular porn sites with "horrific graphic adult sexual acts" in the title of some of the videos. "Things were happening that were so appalling, and when you feel violated of your privacy like you are being spied on, being blackmailed, and people are harassing you and you are getting a barrage of detailed death threats, let me tell you, you lose sleep," the YouTuber said in her new video. Tati went through all this in Spring 2020 and come October, she was hit with another bomb which was her business partner Clark Swanson suing her for $30 million

Tati said she has now moved out of her Los Angeles home which she sold. The YouTuber talked about how she has downsized her life and while she doesn't talk about being bankrupt in the video, which we truly hope is not the case, Tati has been through extreme ups and downs in the past year. Tati didn't reveal details of where she has moved to now, however, she assured her followers there will be more details about what she is up to and what else happened after she quit YouTube in the next videos that will be uploaded to her channel. 


Fans were extremely delighted to see her come back and are excited for what Tati has in store for them next. "I've lost a lot of interest in ~beauty~ content over the past year+ (who hasn't) but Tati coming back to YouTube is a shockingly pleasant surprise and a reminder I need to restock my Maybelline City Bronzer," a fan commented. "I’m honestly happy for Tati and her return. she was played and manipulated by the 2 most dangerous people in the beauty community and I applaud her for taking a step back and reflecting on her actions as well as detaching herself from everything that happened," another tweet read. "Had a shit day but Tati came back which ive been waiting for and dreaming about all 2020," another fan tweeted. 




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