Twitter blasts Shane Dawson for half-baked apology and being friends with 'manipulative Nazi' Jeffree Star

Dawson quit the beauty community calling it 'draining and exhausting' and slammed YouTubers for their drama

                            Twitter blasts Shane Dawson for half-baked apology and being friends with 'manipulative Nazi' Jeffree Star
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Shane Dawson has traded his career as a beauty guru in lieu of his mental health. It seems like the YouTuber who dabbled into makeup by launching the Conspiracy palette in collaboration with makeup mogul Jeffree Star, as well as a makeup channel on YouTube,  has had enough of the beauty community and the drama surrounding it. He has bid adieu to the community saying its "draining and exhausting" and he can't have a pit in his stomach waiting for the next drama expose. 

In a now-deleted lengthy note typed out on his phone which Dawson shared on Twitter, he wrote down his "final thoughts" about the community and why he was quitting. He spoke about what he thinks about the beauty gurus who were always involved in scandals and also named his friend Star as being one. 

Shane wrote, "they are all attention-seeking, game playing, egocentric, narcissistic, vengeful, two-faced ticking time bombs ready to explode and I am OVER IT." 

He continued to write, "Yes they are talented, creative, smart, and love makeup but they also joined a side of the internet that is obsessed with looks, money, power, fame, screenshots, and subtweets. Releasing private texts, voice memos, emails, and other receipts as a way to paint yourself in a particular light or someone else in a bad light is weird to me and I will never engage in that."

"Yes Jeffree is in that list of dramatic gurus (and he would admit that) and he will always be a family to me and I love him despite those characteristics. He's very aware of the fact that I don't agree with many of the ways he approaches situations and I have been very honest with him about needing to make some changes," he wrote.

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Shortly after his response, people on Twitter started calling him out for his apology.

"..drama? accusing someone of being a predator is... "drama"? but when people do it to him like once a year, then he wants to have a mental breakdown... m'kay. Lockdown has a lot of YouTubers exposing themselves," read a comment.

While another read, "the big issue is that he isn't walking away from Jeffree and that was a half-assed apology. what he said: James deserved it. What he should have said: I'm truly sorry for driving you to suicidal thoughts with my manipulative nazi friend, James".

Another fan wrote, "I’m honestly devastated by this. I looked up to you for years but now I just feel as if everyone on the internet is fake, to be honest. Seeing two grown men talk badly about a 19-year-old boy who never fucking asks for the drama he receives is upsetting..."

If you've been a follower of the community, you'd know last year was the biggest in terms of drama. Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook, in a 40-minute video, had alleged that fellow YouTuber James Charles was a serial sexual offender who tried to get straight guys to sleep with him. Jeffree Star had joined the drama calling Charles a "predator" and "a danger to society" in the now-deleted tweets. Star had apologized after Charles debunked all the allegations but earlier this year in April the former defended himself for the time he called Charles a 'predator'.

Earlier this week beauty influencer Kameron Lester called out both Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. In a 27-minute-long video on his IGTV, Kameron accused both of them for using him as a "token black kid" and for trying to paint Charles in a bad light in multiple conversations. After the video was uploaded, Star allegedly sent a voice note to Kameron, according to the Instagram page Here for the Tea 2.

"That is the most craziest and manipulative and most insane thing I've ever heard in my entire life," Star allegedly said in the voice note. "I know you're upset... and now people are coming for you for supporting me, so you trying to flip the script and make up a bunch of lies and make me the devil, is so boring."

Lester took to Twitter with his stance on the voice note, further calling Star out. "He was just preaching about Black Lives Matter on his platform. Then send this to a black gay beauty boy who just said he was scared for his life because of his manipulation tactics. He sent this voice note to keep painting a narrative that I was lying and doing all this because... I was upset with the things going on in my life. Trying to spin the narrative and plant the seed that everything was false was why that voice note was sent. This man is 34 and I'm 23 he knows how to maneuver and exactly what to say and how to say," he wrote.

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