Is Tannie OK? BTS Taehyung reveals pet dog Yeontan had two failed surgeries

'I hope we can make fun memories together for the rest of our lives,' Taehyung said in an emotional note to his pet dog Yeontan aka Tannie

                            Is Tannie OK? BTS Taehyung reveals pet dog Yeontan had two failed surgeries
Taehyung sharing happy moments with Yeontan (Instagram, Twitter)

Kim Taehyung's pet dog Yeontan aka Tannie, whom many consider as BTS's unofficial eighth member, has been revealed to be struggling with certain health issues at present. The heartbreaking news was shared by Taehyung aka V himself during a recent interview with GQ magazine. As soon as excerpts from the interview surfaced on the internet, prompting ARMY to flood social media with prayers and best wishes for the adorable canine. 

Yeontan, however, is not the only dog to have gone viral today, as POTUS Joe Biden's new puppy Commander happened to be the other 'celebrity' stealing hearts over the internet. The addition of a new puppy to the family happens after Biden's other dog Major was booted from the White House, over major behavioral concerns. Major Biden had been quite a naughty doggo, with multiple biting incidents reported in the past few months. The POTUS and the First Lady are now sending him to live a much quieter life with their family friends. Meanwhile, 3.5 months old German Shepherd puppy Commander arrived at the White House as an early Christmas present to the President's family. However, let us focus on our adorable South Korean friend Yeontan aka Tannie at the moment. 


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Yeontan, who was born on September 7, 2017, was adopted by Taehyung after he found the pup "seemed angry" and "he needs lot of hugs". Yeontan, who is a brown and black Pomeranian by breed, was already battling some inborn health problems. V brought him home and showered him with immense love and care, and the cute canine soon became one of the most adored BTS members. 

Translated from Korean, the GQ interview shows V opening up about Tannie's struggle with certain ailments. "Tan's health has been very poor since birth," V mentioned, describing his issues in his own words (or barks). "Because the airway is small, I [sic] can't breathe well. If I run just a little bit, I faint and I have had two surgeries this year, but both times failed."

V also added his personal note from the heart to Tan, explaining that these would be the words he would write in a Thank you card to his dog. "...thank you so much for persevering, enduring, and staying alive despite the hard work, I hope we can make fun memories together for the rest of our lives, and I want to see grown-up Tan."

Lune Keshini, one of V's fans, had explained Tannie's health issues further on Quora. "First off, Tannie/ Yeontan/Tan is a Pomeranian. Pomeranians like all small dogs have to be careful because of their little legs. This isn’t a health issue, it’s common care for a small dog. This is why small dogs are often carried and have to have ramps or stairs in their homes so they can get around as needed. Tae has mentioned Tannie has medicine’s that he has to take. One of the pills he has shown briefly is a normal heartworm medicine that ALL dogs need to take. Usually it’s one pill per month to prevent heartworm. He also looks to have a medicine for breathing- this is another common health issue in certain small dog breeds. Pomeranians are one such breed. So that’s most likely another medicine Tannie has to take. And finally- Tae mentioned Tan has issues with his ears- Again, another issue that is common and requires some medicine to help prevent. Also, special cleaning has to be done. I think he mentioned having wipes for Tan’s ears." 

Read Keshini's full response here


ARMY showered Tannie with their best wishes and love as soon as the GQ interview surfaced online. 

"Stay strong and stay healthy, taehyung loves you so much let's stay with him until the end tannie!!" a fan tweeted. 

Another noted, "Waking up to hearing about Tannie and his health issues - it’s heartbreaking. All of us who’ve had fur babies know how short our time with them is and to then know that they’re unwell…you just make it a point to spend as much time with them as possible and love them endlessly."

"Get well soon tannie, you're strong and you'll get better, we love you so much," a third fan wished, while another shared, "I wont be able to look at this photo the same way ever again.. Kim Taehyung is really the best dad Yeontan could ever have and Tannie, who keeps on enduring despite his condition is the best dog Fighting Tannie!"