'Poodle' Taehyung hits Weverse to celebrate BTS' Billboard record, ARMY drools over 'daddy' pose

BTS V, the 'Sweet Night' crooner, posted a picture to celebrate BTS's record-breaking success of 'Butter' after the song made history

                            'Poodle' Taehyung hits Weverse to celebrate BTS' Billboard record, ARMY drools over 'daddy' pose
Kim Taehyung made his much-anticipated Weverse comeback with a new mirror selfie (BTS Weverse/ Instagram)

'Poodle'-haired Kim Taehyung aka BTS V has made his very anticipated Weverse 'comeback' with a mirror selfie and ARMY can't stop thirsting over the stunning visuals of the BTS vocalist. The 26-year-old 'Sweet Night' crooner posted the picture to celebrate BTS' record-breaking success of 'Butter' after the song made history as the longest leading single by any group in Billboard Hot 100 chart after topping it for five consecutive weeks.

Later, the South Korean Grammy-nominated music act icon also came on Vlive with BTS members thanking fans for making yet another history with 'Butter'. Currently, BTS has surpassed Aerosmith's existing 22 years record of 'I don't Want to Miss a Thing' which held the previous record of charting atop Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks straight. BTS ARMY celebrated 'BTS Month' in all its glory as the group established itself as the biggest music group in the world.


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Kim Taehyung has been rocking the 'Butter' era with 'daddy' poses, ARMY said while gushing over the new concept teasers (BTS Instagram)

'Weverse King' came home with a new mirror selfie

Kim Taehyung, hailed as the 'Weverse King', has been more reserved in uploading pictures in recent times saying he doesn't like to click pictures anymore. So a 'selca' from the 'Winter Bear' crooner is enough to make fans emotional. V has also been the ruler of the fan app as the BTS vocalist has directed the app in making certain changes and Weverse complied including making a video feature for the artistes and enabling an option for them to change profile picture. After the recent selfie drop, fans declared the current era as another 'Daddy' era of Kim Taehyung. A fan quipped, "good morning to poodle kim taehyung a wholeass daddy!"


Swooning over the beaut of the 'Blue and Grey' singer, another ARMY shared, "KIM TAEHYUNG 's mirror selca's are always top tier.." Another fan gushed saying, "After a few months waiting for he’s selca finally he came home!" A Kim Taehyung poodle hair enthusiast posted, "The supremacy of Kim Taehyung’s fluffy poodle hair!"




Kim Taehyung has also been breaking the Internet with the new era of 'Butter' concept photos. His first 'rockstar' concept photo for 'Butter' CD version where he sported a Denim skirt on top of his jeans became the fastest male Korean idol's picture to reach 6 million likes in 25 hours 35 minutes. The singer also stole ARMY's heart with the second teaser wearing a Navy black jumpsuit and heart-shaped handcuffs.


Meanwhile, BTS ARMY is eagerly waiting for July 9 aka ARMY Day for the latest BTS single reportedly titled 'Permission to Dance' to drop. The single is rumored to be a collab between Ed Sheeran and BTS as the former 'spoiled' it in a live session. Know more about the anticipated collab 'Permission to Dance' here.

Stream 'Butter' below.


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