‘Ballad 21 F/W’: 2AM rope in 2PM's Junho and actress Kim Sohyun for their comeback

2AM's dual title tracks have been made by JYP and HYBE's Bang PD

                            ‘Ballad 21 F/W’: 2AM rope in 2PM's Junho and actress Kim Sohyun for their comeback
2PM's Junho and Kim Sohyun star in 2AM's music videos (@voice_2am/Twitter, Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube)

The ‘ballad kings’ of K-pop are finally back. After waiting for seven years, fans can rejoice because 2AM have finally dropped some new music. 2021 was already off to a great start when it was revealed that the members had finished their mandatory military service. They got busy with their individual projects as we saw Jo Kwon on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ and Changmin winning ‘Immortal Songs’. Well, the group has now finally got together and are going all out by bringing in long-time collaborators.

2AM caused quite a stir when it was reported that not only would they be having a comeback, their two title tracks would be made by their ex-CEO JYP and HYBE’s Bang PD. The two had previously managed the boy group and had even made songs for them. Well, 2AM released their fourth mini-album ‘Ballad 21 F/W’ on November 1. The group is not under any label at the moment, but the album itself was produced by Culture Depot and Stone Music Entertainment. And not only are the dual title tracks made by veteran artists, but the music videos also star none other than 2PM’s Junho and actress Kim Sohyun.

After 2PM, 2AM is back with JYP and HYBE's Bang PD producing title tracks

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2AM come back after 7 years (@voice_2am/Twitter)

2AM release heartbreaking ‘Ballad 21 F/W’

True to 2AM’s style, the 5-track album is a melancholic love story. Additionally, member Jinwoon has also participated in the making of the song ‘Always Me’. Bang PD’s title track is ‘Should’ve Known’ and JYP’s title track is ‘No Good in Good-Bye’. The album did quite well on South Korean charts as it looks like Knetizens have eagerly been waiting for the return of the multi-talented group. ‘Should’ve Known’ topped Bugs, ranked #4 on Genie and entered the top 100 of MelOn. On the other hand, ‘No Good in Good-Bye’ ranked #5 on Bugs and entered the top 40 on Genie.

2PM’s Junho and Kim Sohyun play a couple that goes through a painful breakup in the ‘Should’ve Known’ music video as they reminisce about their past. Their story continues in ‘No Good in Good-Bye’ which is another mournful ballad. 2AM sing about the moment the couple realizes that they’re breaking up as Junho and Sohyun pour out their emotions in the cinematic music videos. Along with fans, 2AM’s peers were also excited for their much-awaited comeback. We had idols like their ex-labelmates Rain and GOT7’s Bambam, as well as IU and Monsta X’s Minhyuk, hype up the release. 

Watch the ‘Should’ve Known’ music video below:


Watch the ‘No Good in Good-Bye’ music video below:


‘Ballad kings are back’

One fan tweeted, “What kdrama is this? all i feel is pain while watching the mv and 2am vocals im sobbing JUNHO X KIM SO HYUN such a perfect combination for 2AM COMEBACK MV.” Another shared, “Yall i can't believe i'm witnessing 2am reuniting and singing 죽어도 못 보내 live again after a long time this brought back my 2nd gen soul alive.” One fan added, “2AM, THE BALLAD KINGS, ARE BACK!!”




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