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Who's stalking Jiyeon and Soyeon? T-ara stars get death threats as perv leaves underwear at ex-member's home

While both the members have been threatened on social media multiple times, a stalker broke into Soyeon's home and left her women's underwear
UPDATED FEB 25, 2021
Soyeon and T-ara's Jiyeon received death threats from stalkers (Soyeon Instagram/Jiyeon Instagram)
Soyeon and T-ara's Jiyeon received death threats from stalkers (Soyeon Instagram/Jiyeon Instagram)

T-ara’s former member Soyeon is currently seeking help from police after a stalker broke into her house. Reports suggest that the K-pop idol has also received multiple death threats and has been harassed by the stalker for years. Gangnam police station in Seoul is currently investigating the matter. Along with Soyeon, T-ara’s Jiyeon also claimed that the star was receiving death threats. Jiyeon's agency is looking into the privacy concerns of the star.

Soyeon, a former member of the girl group T-ara, and Jiyeon, a present member, are said to be scared for their safety after the continuous harassment. The privacy of K-pop idols is a matter of concern as South Korea often witnesses cases where fans breach K-pop stars' privacy and try to get a sneak peek of their personal lives. Many K-pop idols have called out these stalkers in the past and also urged them not to indulge in their personal space. Soyeon and Jiyeon are the most recent victims of stalking and harassment. 


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Who is Soyeon’s stalker?

The name of the stalker has not been revealed by the Gangnam Police. However, a report states that the stalker has been booked under the charges of invading someone’s residence. The report further revealed that the stalker left women’s underwear in the house. After receiving death threats, Soyeon is reportedly scared and is seeking assistance from the police.

Earlier in 2011, Soyeon made headlines when it was revealed that the K-pop star is being harassed by a stalker. She received the support of her fans on social media platforms. Regarding Jiyeon’s harassment, her agency posted, “Jiyeon is being publicly threatened with murder multiple times through Twitter and Instagram from an unknown person. We made an investigation request.” 

'Let them live peacefully'

Fans constantly demand protection of their favorite idols' privacy as incidents like this are really concerning. A fan said, “Let them live peacefully, damn you freak stalkers.” Another fan said, “Jiyeon - upcoming Imitation Drama release next month, Soyeon - solo comeback probably next month or what. AND BOTH OF THEM SUFFERING FROM D3ATH THR3ATS, PLEASE BE SAFE GIRLS AND ALSO EUNJUNG, HYOMIN, QRI AND BORAM.”

An outraged fan said, "Wtf is wrong with kpop nowadaysss. And Tara tho im so worried for them!" Another concerned fan stated, "that's so scary oh my god i hope they get protection.!"