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Sydney shark attack witnesses recall CHILLING moment man was eaten: 'We are in shock'

'We heard a yell and turned around, it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash then the shark. It was really bad,' said a witness
(Representational image/Anna Phillips/Getty Images)
(Representational image/Anna Phillips/Getty Images)

The first fatal shark attack in Sydney happened in 1963. A well-known Sydney actress Marcia Hathaway was grabbed and mauled to death by a bull shark. The attack left Sydney shocked. A similar ‘horrific incident’ of shark attack happened on the coast of Sydney, Australia. A great white shark killed a swimmer on Wednesday, February 16, and this is the second shark attack incident since 1963. 

The officers have found "human remains" in the water. According to the NSW police, The victim’s identity has been confirmed as a 35-year-old man from Wolli Creek and the search for the apex predator is ongoing. Locals have now talked about the mauling at Buchan Point near Little Bay. They said that fishing off the rocks attracted the shark to attack the man.


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The video of the fatal shark attack was posted online. A user @pragma tweeted, " in Sydney today😱😱😱😱😱all the best to the family."


Randwick Council tweeted about the shark attack and the beaches that would remain closed today: "Beaches including Little Bay, Malabar, Maroubra, Coogee, Clovelly and La Perouse will be closed for 24 hours following a fatal shark attack near Little Bay today. Council Lifeguards will patrol beaches over the next 24 hours looking for any further sightings of sharks."


A witness who also saw the brutal attack told 9News, Kris Linto claimed that the shark was 4.5 meters long.

"(The person) was swimming and a shark came and attacked (them) vertically," Mr. Linto said.

"We heard a yell and turned around, it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash then the shark. It was really bad."

One of the witnesses told 9News, "Out of nowhere we just heard like, 'Agh' And something came up and, yeah, it was just a big shark in the air, totally airborne, hit the guy very, very quick."

"Came back down and we realized it was a shark attack on a swimmer. Just 10 meters off the rocks. We couldn't do anything about it."

Another witness told 9News that sharks used to "come out of nowhere".

"When he went down there were so many splashes," the man told ABC.

 A local official told CBS News, "To lose someone to a shark attack like this is chilling. We are all in shock. Our entire community's hearts go out to the family of the victim."

“Presumably baiting of this area would have attracted fish, so a shark could well be attracted too. Ghastly situation for the unsuspecting swimmer and rescue teams.” one of the witnesses told daily mail.

“Agree with this. Fishing and swimming should not be done in the same area where these shark swim,” another claimed.

A professional fisherman Mr Smythe to DailyMail online, “Everyone seems to be looking for a clear cut answer as to why this is happening to say we need more research is not popular especially when someone dies.”
“I totally reject it is because more people are fishing adjacent to swimmers.”

“About 15 years ago in WA they were saying cray fishing and cray pots were attracting sharks but where was the evidence? It's just a blame game.”

Several Sydney beaches will remain closed today.