Great white shark mauls swimmer to death at packed beach as onlookers watch in horror

Great white shark mauls swimmer to death at packed beach as onlookers watch in horror
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A man has been tragically killed as a four-meter-long great white shark attacked him while he swam. The incident happened at Buchan Point near Little Bay Beach in Sydney's east on Wednesday, February 16, at around 4.30 pm. The horrific moment was reportedly witnessed by several fishermen and beachgoers. 

As the attack was reported to the local authorities, a number of rescue helicopters and lifesavers on jet skis were seen in an effort to save the swimmer as well as to catch the deadly shark, while other swimmers were asked to immediately return to the beach. After an hour of the search operation, the man’s remains were found along with parts of a wetsuit.



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A police officer told colleagues over a scanner, “Footage clearly shows a body, half a body being taken by a shark. They have found some remains.” The Daily Mail quoted a fisherman who witnessed the horror as it unfolded. He said, “Someone just got eaten by a shark. Oh man! Oh no! That's insane. That's a great white shark. The person's still there! I  just saw a four to five meter great white explode on the surface just here on a swimmer and it was like a car landing in the water. F*** man, I heard a scream and the shark was just chomping on his body and the body was in half just off the rocks here. It came back and swallowed parts of his body and that was it. It disappeared.”

About the victim, SW Ambulance Inspector Lucky Phrachanh said, “Unfortunately this person had suffered catastrophic injuries and there wasn't a lot paramedics could do when we arrived.” 

Fisherman Kris Linto said, “Some guy was swimming and a shark came and attacked him vertically. We heard a yell and turned around and it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash then the shark was chomping at the body and there was blood everywhere. It was really bad.”

Another horrified on-looker added: “He was yelling at first, and then when he went down there were so many splashes. The shark wouldn't stop. It's very, very upsetting. He just went down for a swim, enjoying the day, but that shark took his life.”

Reportedly, Little Bay Beach has been shut down as authorities search the place. Besides, beaches in the Randwick council region, including Clovelly and Maroubra, will also remain closed for the next 24 hours. Randwick mayor Dylan Parker said: “The coast is our community’s backyard. Little Bay is normally such a calm, beautiful place enjoyed by families. To lose someone to a shark attack like this is chilling. We are all in shock. Our entire area’s hearts go out to the family.”

It has been reported that police and the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) will work together on the case. A spokeswoman of DPI told Daily Mail Australia, “DPI extends sincere condolences to the family and friends and first responders at this tragic time. DPI will continue to work with NSW Police and SLS NSW to monitor the area and provide any technical advice and resources if required, including deploying SMART drumlines in the area.”


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