SWAT Season 5 Episode 9: Will Jim and Chris get together? Fans say 'nothing' counts

SWAT Season 5 Episode 9: Will Jim and Chris get together? Fans say 'nothing' counts
Lina Esco as Chris in 'SWAT' Season 5 Episode 9 'Survive' (CBS)

Contains spoilers for 'SWAT' Season 5 Episode 9 'Survive'

Will Jim Street (Alex Russell) and Chris Sanchez (Lina Esco) get together has been one of the faqs in 'SWAT'. And with the explosive series returning with some intense action on the second day of the new year, it will hope to answer and perhaps fulfill some wishes of the fans who want to see Jim and Chris together. Episode 9 titled 'Survive' follows Deacon and Chris on off-duty private security detail. Things go haywire when they're attacked by a bunch of sicarios looking to kidnap their VIP client.

In what was an hour of high-octane action, Deacon and Chris take up a major chunk of the spotlight and also starring is Benito Martinez as Miguel, their client. The story in a nutshell: Miguel is an accountant for the cartel and is on the run to reunite with his family in Las Vegas after deciding to start clean. However, the cartel has no intentions of letting him go and targeting him when the two SWAT officers are transporting him. A major firefight ensues before the Street and the rest of the team come in for the rescue.


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However, the episode also offered some "Stris" content for fans with the duo looking at each other with affection, and with their eyes doing the talking. With Chris pretty banged up, Street helps her up and that's when they look at each other with something that's close to the feelings they never shared. The second instance was when she heads towards the chopper and she glances at Street. This was enough for Stris stans on Twitter to spark up the conversation back again.

"Ugh, I love them! So sad they can't be together... #SWAT" one of the fans remarked. "Please don’t classify this as a Stris scene @SWATWritersRoom. Nothing tonight counts," another fan opined. "I recall only 2 #Stris scenes. When he helped her walk and when he looked at her and she looked back @SWATWritersRoom such a drought...thirsty stris fans can't take it anymore #SWAT #Swatcbs," a tweet read. "That look she gave when she walked to the helo," another tweet said.






The couple has had their moments on the show, but there have been no concrete developments as far as their romance is concerned. And with this, the question continues, will Jim and Chris ever get together?

'SWAT' Season 5 airs Sunday nights at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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