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‘SWAT’ Season 4 Episode 3 ‘The Black Hand Man’: Will Hondo speak at Leroy's parole hearing for Darryl's sake?

Back in the episode ‘Homecoming’, Leroy asked Hondo to protect his son Darryl from gang violence
Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson and Deshae Frost as Darryl (CBS)
Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson and Deshae Frost as Darryl (CBS)

What will Hondo (Shemar Moore) do when his duties come in the way of his personal life? In the new episode ‘The Black Hand Man’, his imprisoned childhood friend Leroy (Michael Beach) might ask him for a favor. At his parole hearing, will Hondo lend him the support he needs by speaking on his behalf and helping him for an early prison release?

Back in the episode ‘Homecoming’, Leroy asked Hondo to protect his son Darryl (Deshae Frost) from gang violence. The favor brought Hondo and his SWAT team into contact with a new local crime outfit. Talking about Leroy, the leader of the outfit told Hondo, “Leroy’s been out of the game for a while.” If Hondo decides to help Leroy — especially for Darryl's sake — will it impact his place in the SWAT team? 


In an exclusive sneak peek from the episode, Hondo calls Darryl and asks, “You good?” That's when Darryl tells him, “I just got out of class and got a call from prison.” Hondo asks, “Your pa?” Darryl explains how he said he might get an early release and that Hondo would help him at his parole hearing. “Oh kid. I'm sorry I didn't know he was gonna reach out to you like that,” Hondo replies, adding, “Look, I haven't decided whether or not I will speak at the parole hearing.

When Hondo asks, “How are you feeling about the possibility of him being back?” Darryl remarks, “Excited, I guess, but nervous. I haven't seen him in the real world since I was a little kid. I spent half my life trying to be like him and the last couple trying not to...”

Hondo assures him, “Darryl, as far as I'm concerned, I'm always going to be here for anything you need and no matter what happens with your father, nothing we have is going to change.” But, looking at Darryl's excitement and hopes, will he go to help his childhood friend Leroy?  


The summary of the episode reads: “Hondo is conflicted when Leroy, his incarcerated childhood friend and Darryl's father, asks him to speak on his behalf at a parole hearing; the team helps track down a mob informant on the run from the crime family he is meant to testify against.”

In a new 21-second promo, a scene shows Hondo discovering two men lying down on their backs. “What the hell happened here?” he asks. It seems like a crime family put the mafia back on its heels. Commander Robert Hicks (Patrick St Esprit) says, “It makes them desperate and dangerous.” Amid loot and robbery, the news flashes on TV, "The two agents dead, they've got our attention." The teaser shows how the elite forces at SWAT will handle another huge mission. 


The third episode of ‘SWAT’ Season 4 will air on Wednesday, November 11 from 10 to 11 pm ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.