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'Swarm' on Prime Video Review: Dominique Fishback starrer series focuses on obsessive fandoms like the 'hives'

This is a very interesting meta layer series, and all of these meta elements do include elements of dark humor
UPDATED MAR 17, 2023
Production still of 'Swarm' (IMDb)
Production still of 'Swarm' (IMDb)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Donald Glover’s 'Atlanta' wrapped up a spectacular four-season run on FX last year. However, he is not done with making great television yet, and 'Atlanta' fans will feel right at home with his new horror thriller, 'Swarm'. Amazon Prime just released a new series that is extremely intense and dark. As we know in recent years the fandoms of iconic celebrities have been excessively obsessive and toxic, Prime's new series highlights what lengths can one fan go to for their favorite star. Regardless, it also displays different kinds of mental health problems one can probably go through after they face something extremely traumatic. The series stars Dominique Fishback as the main character, Dre. Along with, Fishback we see Chloe Bailey as Marissa Jackson (her sister), Billie Eilish as Eva (this was also her acting debut), Paris Jackson as Hailey, and lastly, Damson Idris as Khalid. There are seven half-hour episodes in this series, and it is very binge-worthy. The meta layers are one thing (and a thing that we definitely relish), while the serial killer story is another.


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Dominique Fishback aces 'The Swarm'

Every episode began with a disclaimer, "This is not a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is intentional." Having said that it formed the base of portraying some real-life events of Beyonce and the godlike qualities fans ascribe to Beyonce (the show calls her Ni’Jah, but the veil is translucent as they intended it to be). 'Swarm' is a stunning statement on the dangers of extreme fandom, anchored by a terrific and terrifying lead performance from Dominique Fishback that’s fated to classify as one of the year’s very best. Fishback plays the character of a devoted super fan of a Beyonce-like pop idol named Ni’Jah, whose fanatical followers are known as 'The Swarm'. Safe to say, the series is scary, bloody, sad, violent, brutal, and just so very intense. Also, Fishman isn’t just one person in this. On her new path, Dre changes her name, look, and personality (though only to a point) to match whatever situation, she’s in. 

'Swarm' highlights catastrophic devotion

There’s been plenty of storytelling about toxic fandom in recent years as social media has supercharged the parasocial relationship. But contemporary stories about destructive fandom invariably focus on young, disaffected men. 'Swarm' also innovates and intrigues simply by centering a young Black woman in a story of catastrophic faithfulness. Furthermore, the notable cameos obviously highlighted all the storylines the series wanted to tell.  Additionally, the series serves as a comforting reminder that no matter how 'crazy in love' or 'drunk in love' you are with your favorite celebrity, there will always be someone who will outbeat you in that. 

Prime, Glover, and all the actors starring in the horror thriller series have done a phenomenal job, and it is definitely a must-watch. 

You can watch 'Swarm' on Prime Video.